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5 effective ways for reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

5 effective ways for reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment


Synthia Susan Thomas

April 23, 2022

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the key reasons why conversion rates drop in e-commerce stores. There are several reasons why 77% of consumers leave behind their shopping carts without completing a purchase.

Cart abandonment is an ordeal that is dreaded by most online retailers. A report by Notso indicates that it takes at least 3-5 visits for a customer to finally purchase something from your store. 

You may ask —What’s the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment? Unexpected shipping costs account for 60% of shopping cart abandonment. Hidden costs are the primary reason why your store visitors leave without making a purchase. These costs that appear out of nowhere annoy buyers, driving them away.

Whether it is because of a complicated checkout process, hidden costs, a lack of intent or the inability to make a decision—cart abandonment is an issue that has far-reaching consequences that a business must avoid at all costs.

Is cart abandonment robbing your store of sales? In this post, we take you through the best ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Let’s get started…What is shopping cart abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment occurs when a shopper adds products to their shopping cart but stops mid-way through the check-out process and abandons their cart, failing to make the purchase. It is the same as walking away from a cash counter at your local store without paying for the products you planned to buy. 

Several distractions can keep a visitor from not completing the purchase and it could happen at any point in the purchase process— when they are browsing through your product catalog, adding items to a cart, or when they have reached the checkout page.

Irrespective of when it happens, shopping cart abandonment is the last thing a retailer wants. When shoppers abandon carts, conversion rates take a hit, stores are robbed of their revenue and profits, and inventory counts go wrong. All the more reasons why you should nip it in the bud!

How do you stop people from abandoning carts?

Looking to reduce shopping cart abandonment but unsure of where to start? We have got you covered. We will take you through the best ways you can reduce shopping cart abandonment and win back lost sales.

a)      Provide free or discounted shipping

Unexpected shipping costs can become a deal breaker at the checkout point. In the larger scheme of things, shipping costs may be a small amount that you could cover by yourself. This makes a world of a difference to a customer viewing the checkout page. Free shipping can do wonders to help reduce shopping cart abandonment. If you are unable to offer free shipping, do not keep customers in the dark, ensure to communicate about shipping costs throughout the purchase process.

b)     Allow guest checkout

If you want to reduce shopping cart abandonment, then you should not ask your customers to create an account with you before placing an order.  No doubt, getting customers' email addresses and making a record of their purchases will help you offer personalized services in the future. But, compelling customers to sign up will only drive them away. By enabling a guest checkout option, you make it easier for customers to buy from you. Nothing is holding them back from completing a purchase then.

c)      Provide multiple payment options

To reduce shopping cart abandonment, you need to make sure nothing is keeping your customer from purchasing at your store. For which you need to provide various payment options. Some prefer to pay using credit cards, others through Google Wallet or PayPal. Giving shoppers more payment options is a great way to combat cart abandonment.

d)     Add trust icons

A lot of people have problems sharing their personal details if they are unable to authenticate the credibility of a company. Including trust icons or badges will build people’s trust in your store. You could use money-back guarantee seals, industry award badges, and SSL security badges to instil confidence in your users to purchase from you.

e)     Improve page load speed

Slow loading times are one of the top reasons why customers leave a website. If your store is not optimized for a fast check out process, you must fix it immediately. Customers are extremely short on patience, if they see that the process is taking way longer than expected, they are likely to leave the page.

Abandoned Cart Recovery via WhatsApp

Streamlining your website and the checkout process is half the job done. If you are still facing high rates of shopping cart abandonment and if you are asking yourself- what can I do with abandoned shopping carts? We hear you. One sure-fire way to reduce shopping cart abandonment is to use the power of instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. That’s right! WhatsApp is a channel that your customers use day in and day out to communicate with their friends and family.

If you are a Shopify store owner, use WhatsApp Business for Shopify cart abandonment recovery. All you have to do is download the Interakt app on your Shopify App Store. WhatsApp Business API on Interakt comes packed with features to help you make meaningful connections with customers at large. With access to it, you can send timely, personalized and automated notifications to customers who have abandoned carts. These cart recovery messages will help encourage customers to return to their carts and complete transactions.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment with the WhatsApp Business Platform!

Get started on Interakt and benefit from a host of top-notch features meant to help you gain new customers, win lost sales and maximise revenues. Sign up today!

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