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Benefits of WhatsApp Conversational Apps for Business

Benefits of WhatsApp Conversational Apps for Business


Synthia Susan Thomas

May 11, 2022

With every passing day, the way we communicate with one another keeps evolving and the influx of options that make communication simpler keeps growing. Kudos to the minds behind these value add!

Now, did you know that your much loved messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger aren’t just platforms to message & share funny quote gifs or videos that are on your phone but are also new generation business tools that tie the business and customer pretty much effortlessly with the integration of “Conversational apps” within them? Yes, you can go ahead and read that twice! 

Conversational Apps are here to stay. Let’s get to know more about what they really are. 

What are Conversational Apps?

The term “app" immediately mentally imprints a visualization of a standalone app icon on your phone which either is used excessively or just sits there neglected in a corner. Well, Conversational Apps aren’t that. They are computer programs created solely to create a range of user-based experiences which are integrated within your social messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Conversational Apps combine the best of text, voice, graphic and touch interfaces. With this, businesses and customers communicate via photos, voice memos, carousel images and much more while helping businesses deliver a website like experience to the customer on their messaging apps and blend in a two-way dialogue seamlessly. Now that is what we call conversational commerce!

Think of it this way, your messaging platforms are mini-websites and the software within these platforms that enable rich multimedia branded experiences are your conversational apps. You don’t need to go anywhere; you can browse, purchase, get support and do so much more all within the messaging platform window. Why do we need this? To create exceptional user experiences.

Benefits of Conversational Apps for businesses

Businesses have realized that customers value immediacy in interactions and the use of these business tools cut down their operational costs by a fairly noticeable margin. Along with that, they also know that customers value personalized experiences and conversational apps help businesses do just that. Here are how these conversational apps are benefiting businesses:

1. Bridging the gap between businesses and customers 

It’s no surprise that customers would like to communicate with brands in the same way that they communicate with their family and friends. The realm of familiarity of these messaging apps makes the conversations between brands and customers easier, seamless and faster. Brands can meet the demands of a customer through two-way communication.

2.Friction tolerance is at an all-time low

The customer today as opposed to the one 10 years ago has much less tolerance for friction, and somewhere apps like Netflix, Amazon and Uber have been the game changers for the paradigm shift. 1 out of 3 customers is likely to disregard a brand they love after a negative experience. Conversational App curates experiences that ensure the customer enjoys swift responses and gratification. Therefore, businesses that have the least amount of friction end up winning and spend less amount of time on customer acquisition. 

3.Omnichannel experiences are possible

Conversational apps for businesses eliminate the hassle of hopping between the brand’s website, app and other channels. An omnichannel experience helps businesses present themselves in a simpler form, with a single point of entry being the brownie point— from browsing to post-purchase, all these steps are integrated into one place.

4. Personalized Experiences

Customer data can be used efficiently to curate personalized experiences for businesses. Conversational Apps connect customer data, CRMs and other informational data management systems. This means that conversational apps would remember customer details, their purchase history, user activity and the list goes on. 

5. Brand Automation

This feature helps a business filter simple and complex queries that may arise during a conversation with a customer. With this, simple queries & answers are automated, and the complex ones are transferred to the representatives. This symbiosis between humans and automation is something businesses rely on for instant customer gratification & lower resolution times.

WhatsApp for Business and Conversational Commerce go hand in hand 

Message service providers offer businesses access to APIs to ensure business-customer conversations are effortless and smooth. One of the game changers in this space is WhatsApp, which offers WhatsApp Business API through a business service provider.

This then turns your humble WhatsApp into a full-fledged conversational platform where every step flows efficiently, from browsing to post-purchase. It’s a multimodal platform with text, images, and voice as aids to ensuring your virtual presence is as good as your physical presence. Even voice assistants like Alexa have limitations to only voice, they lack visual appeal but WhatsApp conversational commerce does all that and so much more.

The reality of Conversational Apps is here and it’s only about time when literally everything is at the tap of your finger in just one window. 

A platform like Interakt will help you ace Conversational commerce. The official WhatsApp Business API provider offers a host of top-notch features such as the shared team inbox, automated notifications, quick replies and WhatsApp catalogs to transform your business-customer interactions. Sign up today!

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