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How brands are winning customers with WhatsApp Automation

How brands are winning customers with WhatsApp Automation

Aakaansha Kavidayal

April 22, 2022

With the launch of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API, businesses are taking to the messaging app to scale their marketing, sales and support efforts by proactively talking to their customers. 

They’re leveraging various WhatsApp automations to run promotions through broadcasts, answer incoming consumer queries and concerns, and even offer shopping assistance when required. 

But just how successful have these WhatsApp for Business automations been? Let’s take a look at some of the success stories enabled by the WhatsApp Business API and what they’re using it for. 

Brands using WhatsApp Business API for marketing, sales and support success 

There are a number of ways brands are exploring the use of WhatsApp for Business and the WhatsApp Business API. Let’s take a look at some of the success stories and their innovative use of the messaging platform: 

1. Sassy Sauce Collective: Keeping customers engaged 

The Sassy Sauce Collective, an online food brand known for its range of sources for different palettes, has been using the WhatsApp Business API to keep customers engaged. They leverage smart automations to run WhatsApp broadcasts to promote their new launches and deals, and at the same time are leveraging WhatsApp for customer support to help consumers make informed purchases. This is especially important for them as their sauces are unique and they want to make sure the taste delivers a great experience. 

Their read rate on customer engagement campaigns has increased to 78%, leading to triple the customer lifetime value using WhatsApp for communication. Read more about it here.  

2. Shumee: Simplifying customer support 

Shumee, a unique DTC brand for kids that has made a name for itself for its range of sustainable development toys, leverages WhatsApp for customer support. They realize that every child is different and their parents may require better understanding of their products before making a purchase. Being available on all digital platforms led to an increase in the number of incoming customer queries, making it harder to handle and respond to in a timely manner. 

With the WhatsApp Business API, Shumee was able to reduce their customer support response time leveraging automations. They were also able to increase their average customer engagement rate to 83%, delivering a great experience to buyers. Read more about it here.

3. Carigar Tools: Scaling sales with WhatsApp 

Carigar Tools is an online store catering to a niche market and target audience, with their range of cutting edge technology and power tools. But this requires them to reach out to their audience, initiate conversations, understand their needs and get a buyer into the sales cycle to close an order. 

They use WhatsApp for Business for sales at scale, collecting leads from their storefront with a chat widget. They then make use of interactive messages and quick replies to qualify the incoming leads and personalize their buying experiences. This has helped the brand generate 200-300 leads through WhatsApp, and confirm 20-50 orders per day. Read more about it here.  

4. Perfora: Improves abandoned cart recovery 

Perfora, a new-age DTC brand that is bringing new technologies to the oral care industry, has been using WhatsApp for Business to bring back customers lost to cart abandonment. They have been leveraging communication to understand cart abandoners and assist them in making informed purchases. 

Using the WhatsApp Business API, Perfora was able to send abandoned cart reminders to consumers. They also use the channel to now follow up their reminders with contextual campaigns, nurturing the cart abandoner back to the store. This has helped them see a 10% improvement in abandoned cart recovery. Read more about it here

5. Atmosphere Kombucha: Increasing orders through conversational commerce 

Atmosphere Kombucha is an online DTC brand for beverages that is bringing its own twist to the regular kombuchas. They are making use of the WhatsApp Business API to take custom orders at scale through the messaging platform, and helping consumers make informed purchase decisions. 

By proactively promoting their availability on WhatsApp, the brand has been able to receive about 60-70% queries on the messaging app, as compared to other channels. They are also able to now handle more than 50 conversations in a day with multiple team members using the Shared Inbox on their WhatsApp Business account. Read more about it here

Is it time for you to use WhatsApp for Business? 

WhatsApp is a leading channel of communication for our day-to-day conversations. Be it personal or professional, WhatsApp users are actively making use of the app on an everyday basis, making it almost a way of life for most. 

Going by the importance of being where your consumers are, we believe it’s time for brands to explore the potential of WhatsApp for Business. 

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