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Selling on WhatsApp: How to boost sales with WhatsApp?

Selling on WhatsApp: How to boost sales with WhatsApp?


Synthia Susan Thomas

May 31, 2022

Many businesses are using the WhatsApp Business platform as a sales channel, it's time for your business to test the waters. In this blogpost, we will explain why selling via WhatsApp is more effective than the traditional modes of selling. We have also compiled the success stories of 2 popular brands that have witnessed a surge in revenues by using Interakt’s WhatsApp Business API-powered platform for selling.

Let’s get started.

Why should you start selling on WhatsApp?

Today, WhatsApp ranks #1 when it comes to instant messaging with over 2 billion active users worldwide. Over the last couple of years, businesses have started using the platform to engage with and sell to their customers. The results are astounding, to say the least!

To break it down, companies that used WhatsApp for selling have witnessed a:

  •  15% rise in overall sales
  •  10 % increase in their customer base
  •  40% increase in new customer contacts

WhatsApp conversations are quick, easy and less formal — giving your team ample opportunities to form a strong bond with customers. And we all know that when it comes to sales, nothing is more important than nurturing a strong relationship with clients!

There are quite a few benefits of using WhatsApp for sales. To start with, WhatsApp allows salespeople to collate information about leads faster than if they were to use email.

With WhatsApp, salespeople can easily share information that new leads seek before a purchase is made. The WhatsApp Business platform improves your team’s efficiency to a great extent. Think about it — a salesperson can only attend to one call at a time but can handle multiple WhatsApp conversations!

WhatsApp sales with API integration

To use WhatsApp as a channel for selling, you must have a WhatsApp Business Account. There are two types of accounts that you can choose from, depending on the size of your operation and business needs. The basic WhatsApp Business account which is free was created keeping small businesses in mind. It lacks the multi-user functionality that growing and large businesses need.

If you have a sales team that is looking at driving conversions along with a growing customer base to cater to — then WhatsApp API integration will be best suited for you. This advanced version of WhatsApp Business can be accessed by partnering with Business Service Providers (BSP) such as Interakt for a reasonable fee. Check out the WhatsApp Business API Pricing in India for Interakt.

Need for the WhatsApp Business platform

Without WhatsApp API integration, salespeople are faced with two challenges:

  • The task of maintaining and monitoring a growing record of customer conversations can be quite an uphill task
  • Companies tend to lose customers when salespeople bid farewell to the organization

The solution that Interakt offers — is a shared team inbox. This unified platform helps you keep a track of all customer conversations giving you the right perspective every time you engage with customers. A salesperson leaving their job will not affect your business at any point, as data is centralized and your team can take over and manage client relationships till a replacement is found.

3 simple ways to sell on WhatsApp

Here are 3 effective ways to boost sales and conversions through WhatsApp:

1.  Use WhatsApp template messages to follow up with leads

A template message is a great way to touch base with leads if you were unable to connect with them during the 24-hour window. Use this feature to establish a meaningful connection with prospects to usher them down the sales funnel. Set quick replies to take care of customer FAQs allowing your agents to focus on more important tasks.

2.  Share your product catalog with customers on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp catalog feature on Interakt allows you to showcase your products to customers allowing them to browse through and place orders while they chat with your team. You can do this by creating ‘collections lists’ and ‘catalogs’. Collection lists include the larger category of products that you sell. For instance, if you own an online apparel store — smart formal wear can form your collection list. When a customer clicks on this particular list, they will see the items that are sold under this category.

3.  Place orders on WhatsApp

Once your customers have checked out your products and chosen their favourite items from the lot, they can add them to a shopping cart and share them with you on WhatsApp.

If you have a Shopify store you can easily convert the WhatsApp cart into a Shopify cart and configure it to be sent as an auto-reply, enabling customers to pay for the order on your Shopify Store.

How brands used WhatsApp to boost sales

Let's take a quick look at 2 companies that included WhatsApp in their sales strategy

  • Purple Panchi, a premium ethnic wear label, was on the lookout for a platform that could help them communicate with customers better and improve sales in the process. The WhatsApp Business platform on Interakt opened up avenues to explore sales through WhatsApp. The brand was able to share their catalog with a wider audience with minimal agent involvement. This boosted their conversions. The brand saw a hike in the number of orders that were placed via WhatsApp with a higher AOV when compared to sales through other channels.
  • Stemwater Farms, a hydroponic farming company felt the pressing need to connect with customers at large, in an engaging yet non-intrusive manner. WhatsApp API integration with Interakt was just the solution they were looking for. Not only were they able to enhance customer engagement but the brand witnessed an increase in sales through orders placed on WhatsApp.

 Use WhatsApp to boost sales and conversions

Get started with a WhatsApp Business Account on Interakt and witness a surge in sales and revenues like never before. Sign up with Interakt today for a 14-day free trial.

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