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How to build and improve credibility for your ecommerce business

How to build and improve credibility for your ecommerce business

Aakaansha Kavidayal

April 23, 2022

Owing to the increase in the number of businesses going online, consumers are becoming a lot more skeptical about interacting with brands. They’re never sure which ones are ethical and which ones are fraud, and that’s exactly where a lot of new DTC businesses lose potential customers. 

But there’s a way to build or even improve the credibility of your ecommerce business - proactive communication. Here’s how! 

Tips to build credibility for ecommerce with WhatsApp Business 

1. Set up a WhatsApp Business account 

First things first, it looks extremely shady when you message customers from different phone numbers. That’s why the very first thing you need to do is create a WhatsApp Business account and then get a green tick verification. This will ensure that anyone who reaches out to your business on WhatsApp or communicates with you in the coming period, feels ‘secure’. 

Here’s a glimpse of what a verified WhatsApp Business account looks like: 

The process of getting a verified account is much simpler when you work with a WhatsApp Business API solution provider. They help you meet all the required criteria as well as comply with the policies laid by WhatsApp. 

In addition to faster verification, this also gives you access to features like a shared team inbox and the ability to use the same number on multiple devices. 

2. Initiate WhatsApp conversations through your website 

Once you have a WhatsApp Business account set up and ready, the next step is to let your customers and potential buyers know. 

The best way to do this is to replace the traditional live chat widget with a WhatsApp chat button and trigger a welcome popup message. You can use this message to start a conversation with a visitor, offering help or simply letting them know you’re reachable on the messaging platform. 

3. Promote your WhatsApp links on social media 

Another way to let your audience know you’re available and open to answering all their queries and concerns, is to actively promote your WhatsApp links on social media. Share them through the link in bio, social media posts or even Stories, inviting messages. 

You can even run targeted ad campaigns to nudge interested buyers to send you a message on WhatsApp; it’s a lower commitment than asking them to make a purchase right away, making them more likely to complete the action. 

4. Automate customer support and service on WhatsApp 

Leveraging the WhatsApp Business API, you can actually automate responses to most of your customer queries and questions. Leverage features such as interactive messages such as quick replies and FAQs to respond to buyers faster. 

Not sure where to begin? Here are 20 WhatsApp Business Quick Replies for customer service. These are designed keeping ecommerce businesses in mind and the common concerns of an online shopper, helping you stay available 24/7. 

5. Don’t spam your customers 

Remember, being available and inviting conversations on WhatsApp does not mean that you get a free reign to keep running promotional campaigns. 

The golden rules of marketing still apply to WhatsApp, and hence we recommend that you only send promotions to those who have opted in for those alerts. Restrict other conversations like customer support to just serve the said objective, or run a campaign to get those buyers to opt-in before sending promotions. 

Struggling to get WhatsApp opt-ins? Here are some strategies to turn visitors into WhatsApp subscribers

6. Keep conversations consistent 

Businesses that make one post on social media and disappear for weeks look unreliable. The same holds true for those who opt-in to your WhatsApp list. 

While spamming is a no-no, you need to remain consistent with how you engage these consumers. With the WhatsApp Business, you can put templates to work to keep your campaigns running consistently, with a value-driven approach. 

You can learn more about WhatsApp automated campaign templates for customer engagement here. 

Don’t let your credibility slide, get started with WhatsApp Business today!  

Every day a new business comes into action, you risk losing credibility owing to someone’s misendeavours. That’s why we recommend using the tips above and getting started on building a rapport with your customers and potential buyers, starting today. 

The WhatsApp Business platform not just equips you with a professional profile on the messaging platform, but also all the features you need to run automations across a customer’s lifecycle with your brand. 

Leading brands are already leveraging the WhatsApp Business to offer their audience a better customer experience. See their success stories here

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