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WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Business: Why use WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Business: Why use WhatsApp Business API?


Synthia Susan Thomas

January 6, 2022

Traditional business models have undergone drastic changes as a result of advances in technology. The ever-changing business environment makes it all the more challenging for companies to get an edge over competition solely based on price or the products it offers. 

Today, businesses have to go all out in pursuit of opportunities to amplify the customer experience necessary for business growth and sustenance. A report published by PwC states that consumers don't mind paying 16% more for products and services of companies that offer exceptional customer service. 

The same report also indicates that 1 in 3 customers will disown a brand they love because of one experience gone bad as per PWC report. Clearly, businesses have to step up their game and offer exceptional customer service. One sure-fire way to achieve this is to be present where your customers are and reach out to them on platforms they are most familiar with. 

Today customers prefer connecting with businesses the same way they do with friends or family. More and more consumers take to social media to reach out to brands. As a result, brands have to be present on multiple communication channels. Two of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook and WhatsApp. Businesses are leaving no stone unturned to ensure they are available to connect with customers on these platforms. 

Today we are going to take you through the benefits of WhatsApp Business API and why you should sign up for it. 

But before that let's explore the business versions of WhatsApp and Facebook.

WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Business 

WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business App keeping small businesses in mind who want to keep their personal and professional messages separate. The WhatsApp Business App supports only one device and one user. 

WhatsApp created the WhatsApp Business API to cater to the communication needs of growing businesses. It supports multiple users and devices. The WhatsApp Business API is made available to you by a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider like Interakt. A shared team inbox, automated bulk notifications, WhatsApp template messages and chat widget are some of the incredible WhatsApp Business API features. 

The Facebook Business popularly known as the Facebook Business Manager was introduced to help companies manage their business pages, Ad accounts and catalogs easily and securely. Here, your business activities are kept separate from your personal Facebook account to ensure you aren't distracted by the steady flow of alerts and notifications that pop up on your account. 

One of the most popular features of Facebook is that it allows you to create and manage Ads. Ads are a big no-no on WhatsApp. However, you can always link Facebook to WhatsApp and allow your customers who initiate a conversation with you on Facebook to continue the conversation with your Business on WhatsApp. We will tell you how. 

Why combine your Facebook Business Account with WhatsApp Business API? 

You can connect your WhatsApp Business Account to Facebook by adding a WhatsApp chat button to your Facebook posts and Ads. By doing so, you allow your customers to easily connect with your brand on WhatsApp. 

How does this work? When a customer clicks on the WhatsApp button installed on your Facebook page, it will open a WhatsApp chat with your business allowing them to connect with you directly and engage in a two-way conversation with you. This is a great way to potentially boost your business. 

By connecting with your business on WhatsApp, customers can find out more about your company, browse through your products and services, place orders for their favourite items and much more. All you have to do is sign up for WhatsApp Business API. 

WhatsApp is a platform with customer service at its core. By linking your Facebook Business Manager with WhatsApp Business API, you unleash a whole new dimension of customer service and convenience for your customers and overcome any difficulties they may have faced in communicating with your business in the past. 

If you have a Facebook Business Account and are looking to scale your customer service we recommend that you sign up for WhatsApp Business API. 

We will roll out the benefits of WhatsApp Business API for you. 

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Business API for eCommerce businesses?

Here are some of the top-notch benefits of signing up for WhatsApp Business API- 

a) Every customer conversation is infused with brand personality 

The ultimate goal for most businesses is to forge strong relationships with their customers. WhatsApp is capable of fostering that by providing you with a safe and secure channel to have personalized conversations with your customers. WhatsApp also allows you to promote your brand while communicating with customers. With WhatsApp Business API your business will obtain the green tick verification that showcases your business as being a reliable entity. This will help you infuse your brand identity with each customer interaction. 

b) Engage in real-time conversations 

Customers want to have real-time conversations with brands and not simply wait to hear from them at a later time. WhatsApp creates a channel for your customers to engage in real-time conversations where they can learn more about your products and services or pose any questions they may have. Your live agents can immediately view and respond to their questions in no time. 

c) Reach out to customers on their most preferred app

Top brands realize they need to be on the same platforms as their customers to deliver outstanding customer service. WhatsApp is a platform that your customers use several times a day and are most comfortable with. So why not connect with them on their most preferred app? 

A study has revealed that 80% of customers prefer to buy from a brand that offers personalized experiences as per Forbes. This is another expectation that WhatsApp Business API is designed to meet. 

For example, WhatsApp Business API allows you to send personalized bulk notifications to your customers with important attributes such as their name, order details and their location captured in the messages. 

Get Access to WhatsApp Business API today!

Power Your business communication and offer exceptional customer service by opting for WhatsApp Business API on Interakt. Sign up to enjoy a 14-day free trial.

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