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WhatsApp Business API for Banks: 10 Effective WhatsApp Template Messages to Increase Customer Engagement

WhatsApp Business API for Banks: 10 Effective WhatsApp Template Messages to Increase Customer Engagement


Synthia Susan Thomas

April 24, 2022

The business version of WhatsApp is a powerful tool for banks worldwide. Using WhatsApp Business API for Banks is a smart way to streamline business communication and introduce new products and services into the market. Banks are always on the lookout for quick and easy ways to communicate with their customers. Emails are a thing of the past when it comes to urgent communication and text messages get easily ignored. The only answer— is automated WhatsApp notifications!

We have done the groundwork for you, here are 10 sample WhatsApp template messages that you can use to send to your customers.

1.  Balance information

Balance updates are critical information that every customer looks forward to receiving. It would help them plan their finances more effectively and give them clarity on how much money is available at their disposal. Here is a WhatsApp message template that you can use to keep customers informed on the available balance in their bank accounts.

[Name of your bank]: Your current balance is [amount] as of [date]. For more information, please visit –[link attached to the CTA button]

2.  Transaction Alerts

Send banking activity updates as WhatsApp notifications to your customers updating them on their most recent transactions. Banking is an everyday activity— your customers could be making online payments, depositing or withdrawing money or making bank to bank transfers. Whatever it may be, sending real-time messages helps them keep track of their banking activity without having to log onto the bank’s app or website. Here is a transaction alert that you can send out using WhatsApp for Business-

Hi, your account [number] is debited for [sum] on [date] at [vendor]. Your balance now stands at [amount]. If this transaction was not done by you, please call [toll-free number].

3.  Deposit Alerts

These messages act as confirmation that an amount deposited is now credited to a customer’s bank account. It could be their salary, a loan repayment, a gift from a friend, or a deposit that they have made. Here is a template message that you can use for such updates-

Hi, [sum] is credited to your bank account by [name] on [date]. For more information, click on the button below[link].

4.  Fraud alerts

Security is something that most customers worry about when engaging in net banking. If you have been keeping a close watch on your customers’ accounts and you notice some suspicious activity, alert your customers immediately using WhatsApp template messages. Your users will appreciate prompt updates in such situations so that they can take the necessary measures to protect their accounts.

You may use the below template for sending fraud alerts via WhatsApp-

[Bank name] Alert: We notice unusual activity on your account at [vendor]. Please call us at [ phone number] or log into your account for more information.

5.  Withdrawal alerts

These messages are just as important as any other. They let a customer know every time an amount is debited from the account. It also helps customers keep a tab on any unusual activity. In the event of any fraudulent activities taking place, they can immediately secure their account and contact the bank for further assistance. Here is a template that can be used to send out withdrawal alerts.

Hi [name], [sum] was withdrawn from your bank account [number] on [date]. If this transaction was not initiated by you, please call us. [Contact us as CTA button].

6.  Low-balance alerts

These alert messages notify your customers when their account has reached the minimum balance threshold. Use these messages as a way to alert customers to add more funds to their accounts as soon as possible. You may use the following template for this alert:

Alert! Your account balance is too low and in danger of going overdrawn. Your current balance is [sum] – [bank name].

7.  Overdraft alerts

It's important, to be honest with your customers at all times. If you notice that your customers have overdrawn on their accounts, send them WhatsApp messages alerting them of the situation, so that they are not in for a nasty surprise.

You may use the below template for this-

Hi [name], your account [number] is overdrawn with a current balance of - [sum]. [Bank name].

8.  Account Updates

When a customer opens a new account, adds a secondary user, or creates a new beneficiary, send out a WhatsApp notification as a confirmation of the activity.

Hi [name], thank you for banking with us. This is a message to confirm that we have received your request to open a new account. Your request will be processed within 7 working days. Log onto your account to view the status.

9.  Payment reminders

These messages are a great way to remind customers that they have a  payment due in a couple of days. Payment reminders are significant as a lot of people forget to make timely payments and later get annoyed when charged with a late fee. Here is a template that you can use for this-

Hi [name], your next loan payment is due on [date]. Please ensure you have a sufficient balance in your account for the auto deduction. Call us at [phone number] if you have any questions.

10.   Customer service updates

These message templates are meant to keep your customers engaged. If a customer query has been resolved, send them a WhatsApp message as a confirmation to it. Here is a template that you can use.

This is to inform you that your request with ticket [number] is resolved. Click here [link] to know more.

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