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WhatsApp Business for D2C brands: Does your D2C Brand Require an E-commerce CRM Tool?

WhatsApp Business for D2C brands: Does your D2C Brand Require an E-commerce CRM Tool?


Synthia Susan Thomas

April 30, 2022

In today’s highly competitive world, no matter what customers are looking to buy, there are not less than 10 brands that are competing for their attention. Every brand on the block claims to offer a superior quality product that is priced competitively and seems starkly similar to each other in more ways than one. So, what’s the one redeeming factor that gets your customers back to your store? It's your relationship with them!

Today, there is nothing more crucial for D2C brands than building and maintaining strong customer relationships. To succeed at it, brands have to invest time and effort in understanding the changing needs and aspirations of buyers. The extensive research will generate a huge amount of data in the form of analytics and insights.

This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool comes in handy. In this post, we are going to take a look at what an e-commerce CRM tool is and why you need to invest in one?

What is a D2C CRM tool and how does it help?

A CRM tool is a solution that will help you streamline customer data by organizing and storing crucial information about existing customers and new leads. It helps you generate actionable insights on how to appeal to the interests of potential customers. The best part—all the information gets stored in a single place.

The goal of the CRM is to enable you to hold on to your existing customers while helping you acquire new ones. It gives you an overview of your business and helps you identify various sales opportunities and ways to serve your customers effectively.

Here is how a CRM tool can benefit your business-

  • It helps you reach out to new customers
  • It gives you access to all the information you need to understand your existing customers and tailor customer loyalty programs for them.
  • Gives you a better understanding of customer buying behavior
  • Customer management costs are greatly reduced
  •   It helps you offer top quality customer service

Let’s take a look at how a D2C CRM tool can amplify your customers’ shopping experience:

  •  Use the customer data that you can easily access to develop and run campaigns that will improve your marketing, creating new leads.
  • You can gauge where your customers are at in their buying journey and take measures to encourage them to complete their purchases.
  • Inform customers on the status of their orders, new product launches and much more.

Why do you need to invest in a CRM tool and how it is instrumental in driving sales?

We are going to address a few pain points that several businesses face and take a look at how a CRM tool can help overcome these issues-

1.      Managing customer and order data

Is your data all over the place? Do you find yourself juggling between various marketing tools and channels to get a hold of your data? Most often, your data is confined to the various channels that you use to connect with customers. A CRM acts as a central database syncing data that is spread across various marketing and sales channels and storing it in one place.

WhatsApp is a great solution for D2C brands—empowering businesses to connect with customers securely. You can keep track of data that is located on different channels easily with WhatsApp API integration. The WhatsApp business platform on Interakt supports seamless integrations with leading estores and CRMs. The integration is done via Integromat, a cloud automation tool.

With WhatsApp API integration, a lot of your tasks can get automated. For example, if you have been storing all your customer data in Google Sheets, you can link the data to Interakt via Integromat and send out automated messages and notifications to your customers via WhatsApp.

2.      Personalizing your marketing and sales campaigns

Today, customers expect personalization from the businesses they associate with. Your marketing strategy should be in line with the changing market trends. However, with growing customer demands, this is easier said than done!

A CRM tool will give you the complete picture of your customer and order data. You can use the information to understand changing customer preferences, anticipate demand and create impactful marketing campaigns that appeal to customers.

WhatsApp is a platform with personalization at its core. With access to WhatsApp Business API, you can link your CRM tool with Interakt and offer personalized services to customers in the form of automated notifications and messages.

3.      Handling customer support and service

You may be offering the best products, but if your customer service is below average, customers will head to your competitors. Businesses lose a staggering $75 billion each year because of bad customer support. 

A CRM tool will help manage all your customers' conversations from a single dashboard. Keeping track of conversations will be a cakewalk. With access to customer data such as past purchases, requests or complaints, you can attend to and resolve customers’ issues with ease.

WhatsApp for customer support is a great way to increase engagement and delight your customers. Send out timely order and delivery updates using WhatsApp template messages. Keep customers updated at every stage of the order and enhance their shopping experience. Manage customer conversations effectively with the shared inbox team on Interakt.

4.      Measuring performance metrics

Are you making the best use of your resources? Do you know if your latest marketing campaign has created the desired impact? A CRM tool lets you create detailed reports and analyses that aid better decision making.

With WhatsApp API integration you can monitor the performance of your teams and campaigns. Interakt’s dashboard lets you keep track of important chat metrics such as average response time, the total number of chats etc.

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