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By Synthia Susan Thomas

October 28, 2021

How to Get a WhatsApp Business Number?

WhatsApp has truly transformed the way people communicate. With over 2 billion users worldwide who exchange close to 100 billion messages every day, it is among the most important communication platforms of our times.

Before the launch of the business version of WhatsApp, most businesses relied on traditional modes of communication such as faxes, emails, SMSes and social media.

The WhatsApp Business App was launched to help small businesses connect easily with their customers. By starting such an account, you can set up a business profile and share useful information with customers like your address, business description, email address and website. A business profile gives your business an identity that users can trust. On the WhatsApp Business account, you can label your contacts and assign categories for easy access such as ‘new order’ or ‘new customer’.You will also be able to set quick replies to easily answer frequently asked questions. The WhatsApp Business account lets you create automatic greeting messages to welcome customers and introduce your business to them. 

How to convert WhatsApp Account to a Business Account? 

To upgrade to a WhatsApp Business number, you will need to convert your regular WhatsApp messenger account to Whatsapp business account. 

• Firstly, you need to take a backup of all your WhatsApp Messenger chats to retain chat history. 

• Next, download the WhatsApp Business App for free from Google Play Store on an Android phone or the App Store if you are using an Apple device.

• Then, agree to its terms and conditions. WhatsApp will automatically detect the number you are using in WhatsApp messenger. Continue by tapping the option with your business number. 

• If the number shown is not the number you want to use, tap on 'Use a different number' and complete the standard verification process. 

• Tap on continue to let WhatsApp access your chat history and media.

• You will receive an SMS with a 6-digit code, enter the code to verify your number. 

• Lastly, create your WhatsApp Business profile by adding all the relevant information about your business like your address, description, and working hours. Your WhatsApp Business account is now active. 

What is a WhatsApp Business API number? 

With the launch of WhatsApp Business API, large and growing enterprises can advance their business communication and serve customers better through a host of features. These include a ‘shared team inbox’ which allows your entire team to access, view and manage all your customer conversations on a single dashboard; the ‘bulk notifications’ feature which allows you to send timely, personalized messages on cart abandonment or order updates and the ‘quick replies’ feature which lets you set automated responses to customer FAQs.

How to get a WhatsApp API number?

There are two ways to connect your phone number to WhatsApp Business API:

1. Retain your old phone number

You may want to keep your old phone number as it is the number you used to register on WhatsApp Messenger or the Business version of the App and shared with all your customers. 

WhatsApp does not permit converting a number to WhatsApp Business API status with an active WhatsApp account. Hence deletion, as mandated by WhatsApp, is necessary.

Before you delete the account, we recommend that you take a backup of your chat history to prevent loss of data. Deleting your account will put a hold on your incoming messages and you will then be able to access them and communicate with your clients only after the migration process is complete. The number would no longer be compatible with WhatsApp standards or the WhatsApp Business account.

2. Use a new phone number

You can also use a new number for WhatsApp Business API registration. You can send out a message from your old number to all your customers informing them that you will now be using a new number. 

To apply for WhatsApp Business API you will need to approach an official WhatsApp Business API provider like Interakt. All you have to do is - go to Interakt's sign up page, click on the 'start free trial’ button and follow the simple steps given here to complete the registration process. Before you start with the signup process you need to be ready with: 

a) Business name and address

b) A valid phone number 

c) A Facebook page for your business

Next, create your business profile and provide the phone number that you wish to use for WhatsApp Business API. Opt to verify the number by entering the code that you receive via SMS or voice call. Once the verification is complete, your number will get linked to WhatsApp Business API and you are all set to start with Interakt's 14- day free trial. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while connecting your number to WhatsApp Business API on Interakt:

• The phone number provided must be owned by you, it must not be registered with another WhatsApp user.

• The number should include a country code and an area code.

• You should be able to receive an OTP via SMS or a call for account verification on the number.

• The number shared can be a landline, mobile or virtual number. 

Once your number is connected to WhatsApp Business API, it cannot be downgraded for use on the WhatsApp messenger or the WhatsApp Business App. 

If you wish to migrate from another service provider to Interakt, please reach out to our support team here.

Get started with Interakt today 

If you are looking to grow your business and scale your operations, we recommend that you get onboard WhatsApp Business API via Interakt. Interakt’s business-centric solutions will help you engage with customers seamlessly.

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