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15+ Intriguing WhatsApp Statistics & Facts that Every Marketer Should Know-2022

15+ Intriguing WhatsApp Statistics & Facts that Every Marketer Should Know-2022


Synthia Susan Thomas

May 31, 2022

With its humble inception in 2009, WhatsApp was meant to be an alternative to traditional SMS messaging, an app that aimed to help you stay in touch with your family and friends. Fast forward to 2022 and it’s an indispensable element to boosting your business and sales. 

With over 2 billion rising active WhatsApp users worldwide, this OTT messaging app is no longer limited to the realms of message forwards and stickers. Businesses worldwide are using the platform to kick start their business, gain visibility and boost their sales indefinitely. 

WhatsApp popularity check 

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp keeps its popularity streak strong. Serving some interesting stats for you (bound to wow you over):

  • It’s the most used mobile messenger app in the world
  • More than 100 billion messages are sent each day
  • India has the most WhatsApp monthly active users
  • An average WhatsApp user spends about 38 minutes each day on the app.
  • A whopping 13 million downloads were recorded as of April 2021
  • WhatsApp is available in 180 countries in 60 different languages
  • According to WhatsApp head, Will Cathcart, 175 million people send messages to business accounts every day
  • There are a staggering half a billion WhatsApp accounts using WhatsApp status every day

Is WhatsApp Business worth getting? 

To answer it in simple terms, “Yes", provided your business module needs it. There are a lot of small businesses that have automated their business conversations and have saved up on operational costs that otherwise would be burning a deeper hole into their pockets. Here are some reasons why using this channel is a good idea to step up your game:

  1. Global reach

WhatsApp allows businesses to chat with anyone in the world for literally free. A business that has international clients can save up a big chunk of its operational costs which otherwise would be at the mercy of mobile carriers.

  1. Cutting-edge customer care

With accessibility being one of WhatsApp API’s integral features, it translates as improved customer care and quick response. The customer is no longer left hanging in the air for a response. Their queries are handled promptly and swiftly to closure.

  1. Brand verified conversations

When you are on the Business account of the app, one of the first things you do is create a business profile. This business profile has catalogs, business information like working hours, addresses, numbers, and website URL. This instantly creates a brand image, and as we know, first impressions are always important.

  1. Secure and end-to-end encrypted conversations

WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption which makes sure that sensitive information like transaction details, clickable buttons, or user information isn’t procured by anyone except the senders and recipients. Therefore, this makes WhatsApp API a reliable tool for business & marketing.

Top WhatsApp Statistics that you should know in 2022

Global user base statistics

As pointed out earlier, India has the most active WhatsApp Users and the channel has a 2 billion reach in over 180 countries. 

69% of users who use the internet, use WhatsApp and that statement is a testimony to its popularity amongst the users. It is also the platform used by audiences of all ages and gender. 

WhatsApp Business statistics

Now that you have a fair gist of WhatsApp Business, why don’t we delve into its popular statistics?

Launched in 2018, the business version of the app has about 50 million businesses as patrons out of which 15 million are Indian businesses. 

Though this is a boon for all businesses, it does come with its own limitations, such as no Chabot integration & broadcast limitations. All these limitations are invalidated when subscribing to WhatsApp Business API which is a comparatively more detailed and automated platform specially designed for growing and large businesses and their day-to-day operations.

Further cementing, because of its rich multimedia experience and the usability besides just texts and calls, it allows businesses to share gifs, notifications, images, videos, promotional messages, and more. 

WhatsApp Business API statistics

If your business demands a more intrinsic quality during customer management then WhatsApp API integration  is definitely the way forward. Here are a few reasons why you should bag it:

1. Highest open rates

Gone are the days when emails and texts were the preferred modes of communication for notifications, product launches, offers, and so on but with WhatsApp, this has changed.  Only 20% of emails are ever opened as compared to WhatsApp messages that have an open rate of 99 %.  Exceptionally high open rates are  what makes this the preferred channel for any business.

2. 45-60% click-through and conversion rate

Just getting the message read isn’t enough; compile it with conversion rate to give you a better insight. A significant 45-60% of the opened messages get converted to customers and that is good news.

3. 45-60% cart abandonment & drop-offs recovered

Automating notifications and giving your customers either offers or gentle reminders to complete their transactions is a great way of recovering their abandoned carts and application drop-offs. 

4. Faster resolution time

Decathlon, the world's largest retailer in sporting goods, initially offered customer support through email or phone. These channels slowed down their response time. By adopting WhatsApp for customer service, Decathlon saw a considerable improvement– 98% reduction in response time for agents and a 50% reduction in average handling time. 

5. Revenue and growth

In 2021, the platform generated $8.7 billion revenue almost entirely from the business version of the app.

From 2013 till 2019, WhatsApp saw a steady rise in the number of monthly active users who have grown by an average of half a billion every year.

What’s our take you ask? WhatsApp Business API is the way to go if business growth is one of your top priorities. Get started with the WhatsApp Business platform on Interakt and enrich your user experience, boost customer engagement and drive sales. Sign up with Interakt today and avail a 14-day free trial.

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