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Sending & Receiving Messages

Send and receive messages on interakt using rich media and other nifty features.

interakt enables you to send both regular text messages and messages with media like pictures, videos and emojis.

In this module, we'll look at how you can respond to WhatsApp queries in minutes with rich media, quick replies & templates. Here are the four features that we will cover:

Feature-rich messaging
Chat Events
Agent Initials
  Media Formats


Feature-rich messaging options

• To send a message, you can click on the send button here or you can simply use the keyboard shortcut i.e, Ctrl+Enter to send messages faster.

• Once the message has been read by the user, you will see the double blue ticks as shown in the image above.

The appearance of the read receipts will depend on whether the user has turned this feature on or off at their end.

• Quick Replies: In the composer section, you have a set of built-in rich media options to send messages to your users. Quick Replies is the first button here. Reply to  frequently asked questions in a single click using pre-saved Quick Replies.

Additionally, you can personalize these quick replies by adding media and variables such as names, phone number, email id and other user information.Watch our video Quick Replies to know more about it.

• WhatsApp Templates: You can also send pre-approved WhatsApp approved templates on interakt.

These templates give you the ability to send interactive messages with buttons to users. Watch our video on WhatsApp Business Templates to know more about it.

• Notes: You can easily switch to the Notes mode in the composer section and create notes about users that you can refer back to later.

• You can add notes in your conversation to easily coordinate with your teammates. For example, you can add notes to help your teammates understand the context better when you reassign a chat to them.

Notes are like messages but they don’t get sent to the user. Watch our video on Notes to know more about it.

Chat Events

• The text in grey that appears in your chat with the user is called Chat Events. Chat events are status updates which will be visible only to you and your teammates.

For example: These could be updates like when you assign a conversation to a teammate - you then get to see when this chat was assigned to your teammate, like this.

Agent Initials

• In your chat screen you will also get to see Agent Initials which are icons with the initials of the agent that is responding to the user. Along with this, you also get to see the user’s initials.

Media Formats

File formats which are not supported on interakt show up on the inbox message screen as, “File not supported”. This  ensures that the interakt user is informed if the customer has shared an unsupported media file with them. Refer to the below screen.

The table below contains the list of supported and unsupported media formats.

Format Type Format Name Supported on interakt
Video MP4 Yes
Video 3GP Yes
Image JPEG Yes
Stickers No
Audio* MP4 Yes
MP3 Yes
Document DOCX Yes
Location* Current Location Yes
Live Location No

*The Audio type format and Location format are the ones where only receiving is allowed on interakt. All the other formats written below are bi-directional in nature where both receiving and sending of  media  is involved.

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