How to integrate your Razorpay account with Interakt?

With millions of customers preferring to shop on WhatsApp, businesses these days are eagerly looking to setup a frictionless payment process for their customers on their WhatsApp stores. To make it easy for them, Interakt joins hands with Razorpay to establish faster checkouts and hassle-free transactions on WhatsApp. With this integration, businesses can now: • […]

How to integrate WhatsApp Business API with WooCommerce via Interakt’s plugin?

  You can now use Interakt’s plugin in your WooCommerce store to automate WhatsApp notifications for abandoned checkouts, CoD double confirmations, shipment confirmations, etc!  • How to Install the Plugin? • How to connect the Plugin to your Interakt account? • How to configure the Plugin correctly? • How to set live Abandoned Checkout & […]

How to auto-sync Shopify products & collections to WhatsApp?

You can install Interakt’s WhatsApp Sales Channel App on Shopify Appstore to establish WhatsApp as a strong Sales Channel for your products. Getting Started: If you have already installed Interakt via our 1st app : 1. Go to Interakt’s Commerce Settings: 2. In the 1st step, click on Install Sales Channel.  (In case another catalog is already connected to your Interakt […]

A complete guide to Interakt’s Track APIs & its functions

  Interakt Track APIs Here are the reference docs for connecting to our APIs. Check out our Postman Collection & Python SDK. Intro to Interakt APIs The Interakt Track API endpoints allow you to trigger specific data to Interakt. These API endpoints can be used to add users and their events to your Interakt account, which can then […]

Step-by-step guide on how you can set up WhatsApp campaigns for Order placement, Cart abandonment recovery & Order cancellation on Shopify

Separate campaigns / notifications need to be created on Interakt for an order placed via COD,  order placed through prepayment (cards and otherwise), order shipped and checkout abandonment. ‍ In this module, we’ll share a step-by-step guide on how you can set up campaigns within Interakt for each of the below scenarios: • Order placed […]

How to integrate WhatsApp Business API with WooCommerce?

You can now send automatic WhatsApp updates to your customers about their orders, placed on your Woocommerce e-store. You can set this up by simply following this guide.‍ We currently support automatic notifications for: • Abandoned Checkout (if a customer abandons a checkout and doesn’t place an order for 15 mins) This notification is sent […]

How to integrate WhatsApp Business API with Zoho CRM?

Use case 1: Send out an automatic WhatsApp notification to a lead, as soon as the lead is created on Zoho CRM.   Steps to follow: 1. Create a template on Interakt, which would be sent as soon as the lead is created on Zoho CRM. Suppose you create the following template. This template has […]

How to send WhatsApp Templates using APIs & Webhooks

As a business, you might be looking to send WhatsApp messages to your customers automatically when some event pertaining to the customer has occurred. ‍One way of achieving this is by using Interakt’s Track APIs to send these events to Interakt & setting Ongoing Campaigns on Interakt. You should choose this method if: • You want to keep your coding […]

How to integrate WhatsApp Business API with WebEngage?

The Interakt-WebEngage integration enables you to add WhatsApp as a strong communication channel along with other channels like email, SMS, push notifications etc. Using Interakt you can now include WhatsApp messages in your WebEngage campaigns and journeys. Moreover, when customers reply to those campaigns, you can use Interakt’s automation features & shared team inbox to […]

How to integrate Facebook Leads form with Interakt?

You can now easily integrate your Facebook Lead Forms with Interakt’s WhatsApp Business platform in a few simple steps. As soon as a customer fills your FB Leads Form, the customer will be added to your Interakt database and you would be able to send automatic WhatsApp notifications to the customer. How does Facebook Leads […]

How to integrate Google Sheets with Interakt?

As a business, you might be using Google Sheets to record certain customer specific events like new orders, bookings, appointments, etc. You might also need to send out automatic WhatsApp messages to your customers as soon as the record gets created in the sheet. The best part is, you can now do it very easily […]

How to integrate WhatsApp Business API with Return Prime

As a merchant using Return Prime for your Shopify store, if you want to use Interakt for automating WhatsApp support (specially for your return / exchange workflows) and if you also want to establish WhatsApp as a sales channel for your store, then do the following! • Install Interakt’s WhatsApp Sales Channel App from the Shopify App […]

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