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How using WhatsApp Business API on Interakt has helped Creative Dukaan improve customer support

Creative Dukaan is a brand that specializes in cool, colourful and quirky accessories for working professionals that include laptop bags, laptop sleeves, laptop skins, mouse pads, notepads, coasters etc.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdowns that followed, people were confined to their homes and workstations. For many this seemed like a boring affair—seeing the same old desk, day in and day out with a boring mousepad or laptop bag placed on it.

The founders of Creative Dukan saw this as an opportunity to create something unique for the workspace. The primary objective was to develop a brand that focussed on making creative merchandise that transformed the work environment into a more colourful and elegant one. They believe that a creative and lively work environment is bound to boost productivity.

The challenges faced by Creative Dukaan

While the brand was able to drive a considerable amount of traffic to its website, it had two major challenges that rocked its boat.

  1. a. The need to reduce cart abandonment

The brand noticed a dip in the conversion rates. This was primarily because of high rates of shopping cart abandonment. Creative Dukaan was unable to figure out why people were leaving their carts abandoned. Calling people to find out why didn’t seem like a scalable solution.

“The abandoned cart rate was very high, we were trying to find out why people were leaving”

b. The challenge to offer good customer service 

  1. This posed the next big challenge for Creative Dukaan. For a DTC brand, it’s important to listen to what your customers have to say. To make this possible, the brand decided to offer customer support on several channels such as email, website chat, phone calls and WhatsApp.
  2. This started to get overwhelming for the brand as customer requests started pouring in from everywhere. Sometimes, one customer would raise the same issue over multiple channels making it difficult for the team to manage a multi-channel support system.

“When we started Creative Dukaan, the biggest challenge for us was customer support because for a DTC brand its important to listen to its customers”

Using WhatsApp Business API on Interakt

The brand began its hunt for a no-code, scalable solution. WhatsApp seemed like a probable solution since most of its customers were active users of the app. They thought about making WhatsApp their core support channel. However, they wouldn’t be able to scale it up, especially when multiple queries queue up, responding to each one of them was going to be a herculean task. Their ongoing search led them to Interakt, an official WhatsApp Business API solutions provider.

“When looking for a solution , we had two clear parameters- 1. a no code solution, 2. scalable in nature. We knew that WhatsApp could be a probable solution because most of our customers were present on WhatsApp.”

While Creative Dukaan loved using Interakt, the following are some of the elements that stood out for them:

  1. a. An extremely user-friendly interface
  2. b. The platform offered seamless integration with Shopify
  3. c. The shared team inbox allowed them to communicate instantly with potential leads and customers alike. Customers were now able to talk to the brand directly and get their queries resolved instantly. The brand was able to gather direct feedback from customers and work on it.
  4. d. Another feature that worked wonders for Creative Dukaan was the ability to use tags to segment conversations. They could now sort customer messages into different categories such as abandoned cart recovery, high valued customers, women customers etc., by assigning tags. This helped their team manage customer messages with greater efficiency. If a notification had to be sent out, they now send it to all the contacts that belong to a specific category.

e. Using WhatsApp notifications to send out alerts on new product launches or to share discounts and offers. Ongoing WhatsApp notifications are used to share order updates, send reminders on abandoned cart recovery, and collect feedback.

“Interakt’s panel was so user friendly and easy that even a non-techy guy can implement it very easily.”

How did Interakt help?

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By partnering with Interakt, Creative Dukan was able to streamline its customer support and engage with customers at scale.

  • a. Interakt helped them reduce shopping cart abandonment rates by nearly 24%.
  • b. There was a stark reduction in the customer support resolution time from 2 days to 6 hours.
  • c. The brand witnessed a 24 % growth in repeat purchases
  • d. Customers didn’t have to go on to multiple platforms to reach the business, instead, WhatsApp became their go-to channel to connect with the brand. The teams are better equipped to handle customer conversations—they don’t have to scan through multiple channels to help customers.

“Interakt helped us to reduce abandoned cart rates by 24%, this was because timely notifications were being sent to customers”

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