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WhatsApp Business API Partner
WhatsApp Business API Partner

Interakt’s Partner Program

Discover a partnership model tailored just for you. Our programs offers diverse models suited for every business landscape!

Earn Revenue through Recurring Affiliate Commission
WhatsApp affiliate partner program
Promote Interakt’s suite of plans & products and drive product signups to get rewarded with generous commissions for every converted customer and more.
Empower Your Vision: Build Bespoke Solutions with Interakt
Reseller Partner
Deliver a complete native experience to your customers, incorporating your own logo and brand.
WhatsApp Business APIs tailored for ISVs
WhatsApp ISV reseller

Resell Interakt WhatsApp APIs and enhance your offerings as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or a System Integrator (SI)

Why Partner with Interakt?

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Track new signups and account metrics through the Partner Portal
Effortlessly Onboard Your Customers with timely Support and Expertise
Earn attractive commissions for up to two years on every converted customer.
WhatsApp business partnership at Interakt

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If you have less than 10 merchants we recommend you sign up for our affiliate program.


WhatsApp business partnership at Interakt

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the appointment criteria for partners?
Partners are appointed as a non-exclusive source for referrals of the Services and Partner hereby accepts such appointment. Partner shall have the opportunity, independently or in conjunction with Interakt , to identify or recommend the Interakt platform to Qualified Referral (as defined below)
Who are qualified referral partners at Interakt?

Partner is eligible to receive a referral commission only if Partner submits a referral to Interakt and the referred customer converts to a paying client and which meets the requirements described under this Agreement (“Qualified Referral”).

What does Interakt's Referral Process include?

Referral Process. The referral process shall follow the following procedure:

a) Partner shall submit the referral through a referral form (“Referral Form”) which shall be shared with Partner once the Partner is onboarded as a Partner with Interakt.

b) Interakt shall at its sole discretion decide whether a referral shall be considered as a Qualified Referral (defined below) all subject to the possibilities detailed under section 10 below only.

What are the negotiation rights for partnership program on Interakt?

All contracts for Services between Interakt and a Qualified Referral will be conducted solely by Interakt. Partner agrees to not negotiate terms or make commitments on behalf of Interakt. Interakt shall collect all the subscription charges for the Services directly from the Qualified Referral.

What is the conversion period of partner program on Interakt?

Partner shall be entitled to a commission, only if a Qualified Referral signs up as an Interakt paying customer within three (3) months (“Conversion Period”) from the date a referral is submitted by Partner. On a case by case basis, the Parties may mutually agree in written format to waive or extend the Conversion Period for a particular referral.

What are the eligible product plans of Interakt's partneship program?

Qualified referrals who sign up as Interakt paying customers with a subscription term equal or greater than one (1) month are eligible for referral commission. For clarity, this means that monthly and annual plans of Interakt’s products are eligible for referral commission.

What are ineligible referrals of Interakt's partner program?

When someone subscribes to Interakt’s Services pursuant to Partner’s sales and marketing efforts provided in accordance with this Agreement, Interakt shall at its sole discretion determine if such subscriber is a Qualified Referral based only on the table below. Certain Referrals are ineligible for referral commission. Partners will be notified once a submitted referral is evaluated by Interakt as ineligible.

What is the revenue from platform fee of partner program on Interakt?

Once a Qualified Referral becomes a paying customer the Partner is entitled to referral commission as per schedule outlined in the next FAQ. The referral commission is based on the applicable referral commission rate applied on all transaction amounts collected by Interakt. Transaction amount includes Interakt subscription charges. Referral commission would exclude charges towards discounts, taxes payable and subsequent refunds not due to Interakt’s invoicing error or breach.