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Create delightful Spa experiences on WhatsApp

  • Acquire

    Add WhatsApp widget on website/place WA link on social handles to generate leads. Answer FAQs via custom auto-replies to help customers pick & choose travel packages

  • Convert

    Upsell & Cross-sell with personalized recommendations like haircut, facials and more. Retarget leads acquired via click to WhatsApp ads to boost conversions & Send payment links for quick settlements

  • Delight

    Support clients at scale on WhatsApp. Gather ratings/feedback from clients using WhatsApp automated flows

  • Engage

    Send festive offers, new launch & sales updates to drive sales. Send regular how-to videos and articles, for taking care post different treatments at the Spa/Saloon

How to use WhatsApp Business Platform
to grow your Spa & Saloon business

The WhatsApp Business API equips you with powerful features that enable automation for marketing, customer support and service, and sales, so you can increase foot traffic in no time and grow your business.

Reach more customers for your spa and salon services

WhatsApp business for spas and salons with Interakt
WhatsApp business for spas and salons | Interakt review

Keep your customers engaged to reduce appointment drop-offs

Turn post-appointment experiences into an opportunity to sell more

WhatsApp business for spas and salons

Why use WhatsApp Business for Spas & Saloons

The spa & salon industry is growing rapidly and WhatsApp gives you an opportunity to cut through the noise on other channels to reach your customers faster.


Average open rate on campaigns


Click-through rate on WhatsApp broadcasts


Higher conversion rate as compared to email, SMS and social media.

Seamless integration with 15+ popular business platforms


Orders via WhatsApp out of total orders booked for the month of January


Returns on campaign spends(ROAS)


Higher AOV as compared to other websites

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WhatsApp for food industry | Bandar mithani

Success stories

See how spas and salons are using WhatsApp for business to reach and engage their customers, leading to more appointments and sales.

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Explore how to use WhatsApp Business for your spa and salon business using Interakt.​

Get access to the WhatsApp Business API, learn more about campaigns and WhatsApp automations to grow your business.

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WhatsApp business API for spas and salons with Interakt