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WhatsApp business for marketing agency with Interakt

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Set up a happy flow for your clients

With a 98% open rate and 47% click through rate, WhatsApp gives marketing agencies an opportunity to use human-to-human marketing to help their clients stand out in a noisy digital landscape.

  • Acquire

    Leverage Ads that Click to WhatsApp to acquire new customers for your clients. Set up custom-replies on your clients WhatsApp to solve customer queries quickly & efficiently

  • Convert

    Enable your clients to Upsell & Cross-sell with personalized recommendations based on purchase history. Set up catalogs to help your clients showcase their products/services and drive sales

  • Delight

    Enable your clients to Support customers at scale on WhatsApp. Gather ratings/feedback for your client brands using WhatsApp automated flows

  • Engage

    Set up greetings, delayed, and welcome messages to engage end-customers of your clients. Send newsletters on WhatsApp to keep your clients' end-customers updated on new developments

Enable your clients to generate more leads on WhatsApp and streamline communication with their customers at every stage of the buying journey for higher conversions.

Generate more leads with click to WhatsApp ads

WhatsApp business for marketing agency with Interakt
WhatsApp business for marketing agency with Interakt

Enable clients to qualify and nurture leads faster

Boost client sales with WhatsApp broadcasts

WhatsApp business for marketing agency with Interakt
WhatsApp business for marketing agency

Help clients deliver personalized experiences

Dedicated dashboard for tracking campaign performance

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Join hands with us and we will ensure your agency is equipped with all the how-tos from day one to help you understand the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Socialee, a Meta certified & award-winning agency, has been making waves with Ads that Click to WhatsApp for its client base. They have been religiously leveraging WhatsApp to skyrocket their clients businesses


Reduction in CPA for a Pathology Lab


Increase in ROA for a D2C Brand


Conversions in a month for a Pathology Lab

WhatsApp business for marketing agency with Socialee

Seamless integration with 15+ popular business platforms

Help your clients succeed with Interakt!​

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