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    Integrate Google & FB Leads form to obtain new clients. Answer FAQs quickly via custom auto-replies and help clients with their queries and fasttrack the deals

  • Convert

    Share service and product recommendations based on project requirements. Send payment links for collecting payment on WhatsApp & quick settlements

  • Delight

    Support clients at scale 24*7 on WhatsApp. Gather ratings/feedback from clients using WhatsApp automated flows

  • Engage

    Send newsletters & educational material to engage clients & prospects. Send regular work updates to keep clients apprise of the progress

How freelancers and consultants are using the WhatsApp Business Platform

See how businesses and freelancers are exploring WhatsApp conversational commerce to create personalized and streamlined customer journeys.

Turn prospects into customers through timely conversations on WhatsApp

WhatsApp business for freelancer and consultant sales with Interakt
WhatsApp business for freelancer and consultant sales with Interakt

Use WhatsApp to keep clients up-to-date on projects and your progress.

Delight your clients by ensuring a positive customer experience

WhatsApp business for home decor and furnishing | Freelancers and consultants with Interakt


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Revenue from WhatsApp Catalog(Sales Channel) in Dec-January

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WhatsApp business for home decor and furnishing | Freelancers with Interakt

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