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Leading automotive businesses ❤️ Interakt for WhatsApp Business API automations

Create delightful experiences on WhatsApp

  • Acquire

    Integrate your online store with Interakt for capturing qualified leads & drive conversions. Run Ads that Click to WhatsApp on FB & Insta and acquire more customers

  • Convert

    Upsell & Cross-Sell with personalized recommendations like - car accessories, roadside insurance, and more. Send payment links for collecting payment on WhatsApp & quick settlements

  • Delight

    Support clients at scale 24*7 on WhatsApp and gather ratings / feedback from clients using WhatsApp automated flows

  • Engage

    Promote customer testimonials, success stories and user generated content as social proof. Send brochures or newsletters to share new launch updates

How to use WhatsApp Business API to
grow your Automotive business

From promoting your deals and discounts to scheduling servicing, WhatsApp Business API simplifies customer communication and enhances their experience with your automotive business

Generate more leads for your automobile business

Run click to WhatsApp ads on social media to generate qualified leads for your business.

Integrate Interakt with your CRM or Google Excel sheet to save prospect information in a streamlined manner for timely follow-ups.

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WhatsApp business for automotive industry with claim offers on Interakt

Promote the sale of new vehicles

Use WhatsApp broadcasts to bring attention to the new vehicle models available at your showrooms. 

Share vehicle pictures and videos along with limited period discounts or benefits on purchase.

Schedule test drives and walk-ins

Let potential buyers experience the vehicles they are interested in by scheduling test drives and walk-ins at your showroom. 

Get an opportunity to explain the various features and benefits a new model has to offer, and sell through experiences on test drives!

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Take bookings for services

Promote the automobile services you offer for repair, rental and maintenance of vehicles using WhatsApp broadcasts. 

Use interactive messages to take requests and schedule servicing, and follow up with timely reminders.

Invite used cars for reselling

If your automobile business also resells vehicles, proactively reach promote the same using WhatsApp. 

Let customers know they can sell their used vehicles through you. Collect information, make an offer and schedule picks – all on chat!

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Provide mechanical consultation

Offer post-purchase and post-service consultation on WhatsApp by addressing FAQs using automations. 

From mileage related queries to maintenance related questions, answer them all and build trust in your customers.

Request reviews on automotive services

Gather social proof for the quality of services your automotive business offers. Use WhatsApp to send automated review requests post service completion. 

Get reviews for your Google My Business account, Facebook page or even your website!

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Announce new launches, events and more

If your automotive business is launching a new service, service center, showroom, event or bringing in the latest vehicle from a top manufacturer, use WhatsApp broadcasts to bring them into the limelight. 

Keeping your customers informed on what’s new and your activities helps them see how up-to-date you are.

Collect and share customer documents

Be it for a purchase or booking a service, collect consumer documents over an encrypted chat. 

From identification proof, driving license, insurance, bills and more, collect and share documents easily on WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp business for automotive industry

Educate your customers and prospects

Don’t just use WhatsApp as a channel to promote your services or book test drives. Go one step further! 

Educate customers on topics related to their purchases or the last service availed. Share your knowledge to showcase expertise.

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Grow your automobile business with one-on-one conversations using WhatsApp Business.

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