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Why do you need Interakt’s free WhatsApp widget?

Discover the key features & benefits of the WhatsApp chat widget
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Boost Conversions with Consultation
Help website shoppers make the right decision by answering queries and upselling by sharing product recommendations in real time on WhatsApp.
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Engaging chat elements

When customers reach out to you via the WhatsApp chat button, you can use various elements to make your conversations engaging – emojis, images, videos, and audio clips
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Address the complete life cycle on WhatsApp
Engage visitors, nudge for sales, solve customer queries & more with a chat widget on your website or a warm link on your social media profile bio.

Leverage WhatsApp to acquire new customers
Generate high-intent leads for your business with Interakt
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Drive Sales & Conversions on WhatsApp
Transform Conversations into Conversions with Interakt
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Offer Support at scale on WhatsApp
Offer 24×7 Support to your customers with Interakt at scale
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Struggling to create a WhatsApp chat link or QR Code? Now create them for free with Interakt

Have more questions about the WhatsApp chat widget?
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What is a WhatsApp chat widget?

WhatsApp chat widget allows you to integrate WhatsApp messaging functionality directly into your website or app. With a chat widget, your customers can easily start a conversation with your business without having to leave your website or switch to a separate messaging app.

How does a WhatsApp live chat widget work?

WhatsApp chat widget works by embedding a small window on your website or app that displays a chat icon or button. When a user clicks on the button, they are taken to a WhatsApp chat window where they can start a conversation with your business.

What is a floating widget for a website?

A floating widget is a type of chat widget that remains visible on your website as a user scrolls through your content. This ensures that the chat widget is always accessible to your customers, even if they have scrolled past the initial point of contact.

Click-to-chat links are clickable links that allow users to initiate a conversation with your business on WhatsApp directly from social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. These links can be added to your social media profiles, posts, or ads to make it easy for customers to contact you.

How can I add a free WhatsApp chat button to social media ads?

To add chat buttons to social media ads, you can create a click-to-chat link and include it in your ad copy or call-to-action. When users click on the chat button, they will be directed to a WhatsApp chat window where they can start a conversation with your business.

How to add a WhatsApp chat widget to a website?

To add a WhatsApp chat button you can use a tool like Interakt that provides a code snippet to embed on your website. After customizing your chat widget, you can copy the code snippet and paste it into the HTML code of your website. Once you have saved the changes, the chat widget will be visible on your website, and customers can use it to initiate conversations with your business on WhatsApp.