House of Mangalam is a household name that has popularized the use of Pure Camphor for various needs. Two of its best-known brands include Mangalam and Campure. Under the Mangalam brand, camphor-based products are sold for pooja needs and aromatherapy. Campure offers camphor-based products for home care and personal care needs.

House of Mangalam caters to the medical, cosmetic, and aromatherapy sectors, boasting a wide collection of products ranging from Camphor tablets to air fresheners. Camphor Cone, Bhimseni Camphor Jar, Camphor tablet pouch, and Camphor Power Liquid Vaporiser are some of its best-selling products.

The challenge in engaging with customers at large

In March 2021, the company launched its very own DTC website, where customers could browse through a wide variety of products and shop for their favorite products. Although sales started picking up, the brand soon ran into a few challenges.

One is that customers had a hard time tracking their orders. When orders are placed, customers eagerly wait for any update they can get about the whereabouts of their orders. If they are unable to find relevant information on it, they go into panic mode. Distressed customers are the last thing a business wants, so ‘House of Mangalam felt the pressing need to get this sorted out.

The other issue that cropped up was that they were unable to offer instant assistance to resolve customer issues. This was primarily because there was no platform where customers could instantly get in touch with the business should they face any problem.

As a brand that is exploring the online market, it is extremely crucial to actively engage with new leads and customers. A lot of customers might want to learn more about the company’s products before they make a purchase. A communication barrier in this arena causes the customer experience to take a hit, leading to lost sales in the long run.

Realizing the need for a unified platform, House of Mangalam began their search for a channel that could help them overcome these woes. Soon enough, they came across Interakt which fit the bill perfectly.

Using WhatsApp Business API on Interakt, House of Mangalam

• Witnessed a 99% delivery rate on WhatsApp‍
• Achieved 88% open rate on WhatsApp

Interakt opened up a host of opportunities for the business to streamline its communication and offer excellent customer services. Here is how WhatsApp for Business on Interakt became a game-changer for this niche brand.

• Firstly, WhatsApp is an immensely popular channel with a huge user base. The brand realized that it could tap into it and widen its reach.

• WhatsApp messages have a high open rate ensuring that any communication that is sent over WhatsApp will not go unnoticed. This was a huge advantage to this company.

• The DTC brand was able to engage with customers better and keep them informed on the status of orders placed. Interakt made it possible for them to send automated WhatsApp business notifications that made order tracking easy. Customers can now receive messages every time an order gets confirmed, shipped, and delivered.

• Customers can also instantly message the company if they are faced with any issues and the support team can resolve them quickly for them.

• Interakt helped them recover abandoned carts through timely cart recovery notifications that helped them win back lost sales.

• With the bulk notifications feature on Interakt, House of Mangalam sent out promotional campaigns to reach their target audiences. These notifications included offers, coupons, discounts, and new product launch announcements.

• Interakt helped the brand to set custom auto-replies that took care of frequently asked customer questions.

The impact of partnering with Interakt

House of Mangalam saw a steady rise in repeat purchases leading to more sales and conversions for the brand. The DTC brand saw better responses to its promotional and cart recovery campaigns. By adding Interakt to their communication strategy, House of Mangalam was able to offer delightful customer experiences like never before.

“Interakt has really helped us be there for customers before, during and after their purchase. This has helped us boost the trust they have in our brand, establish stronger relationships with them and at the same time, really help us understand their expectations from us; helping us become better.”

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