Stemwater Farms is a hydroponic farming company based in India that grows its exotic produce of fruits and vegetables without the use of soil. Their products are certified-chemical-free, residue-free, and pesticide-free. All their plants are cultivated using high precision farming techniques and are greenhouse grown. The fruits and vegetables grown are of superior quality when compared to organic produce and are rich in fibre and nutrients. The company began its operations 3 years ago and caters to customers across Mumbai and Pune.

Since its inception, the company realised the innate need to connect with its customers at large. They wanted to reach out to target audiences, build brand awareness and grow their customer base. They also wanted to be present where their customers are and be available for them 24/7. The brand was on the lookout for a platform that could offer them all this and more.

Soon enough they came across Interakt, a WhatsApp Business platform — the answer to all their communication needs. Interakt opened up avenues for the brand to communicate with customers in a manner that was more engaging and less intrusive on a highly acclaimed channel, WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp Business API on Interakt

WhatsApp is a platform that’s used by billions around the world. If there is one place that customers are on, it’s got to be WhatsApp. Its incredible features set it apart from most instant messaging apps out there. With the rollout of the business version of WhatsApp, such as the WhatsApp Business API, new and growing businesses have a chance to scale up, realise their true potential and thrive amidst stiff competition. Being present on a channel like WhatsApp gives companies such as Stemwater an edge over their counterparts who are yet to discover all that the platform has to offer.

By partnering with Interakt, things started looking a lot brighter for the emerging brand. Here are a few of the many benefits that the brand now enjoys with access to WhatsApp Business API:

• Bulk messages: With this incredible feature, the brand was able to message 1000s of opted-in customers at one go with important notifications and alerts.

• Chat automation: With very little need for human intervention, Interakt allowed the brand to set automated messages to be sent out at a certain time and day of the week. These messages heightened customer engagement. They could also schedule marketing campaigns to promote their brand.

• Product catalog: This amazing feature of the WhatsApp Business platform allowed the brand to showcase its products, giving customers the chance to browse through their offering and place orders for their favourite products, all while staying on the WhatsApp chat.

• Abandoned cart recovery: The company set automated WhatsApp messages to recover abandoned shopping carts. These messages serve as timely reminders to customers to return to their carts and complete the purchase. Abandoned carts help a business recover its lost sales.

• 24/7 customer support: The brand was able to connect with customers and engage in real-time personalised conversations enabling them to resolve customer queries and requests much faster than anticipated.

The impact of integrating with Interakt

Due to the partnership with Interakt, Stemwater witnessed:

  •  A stark improvement in the abandoned cart recovery rate
  •  A steep rise in the customer retention and engagement rates
  •  An increase in sales through WhatsApp
  •  Better communication with customers and stakeholders
  •  Seamless WhatsApp API integration with their Shopify store to boost sales and conversions
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