In conversation with Karan Chechani, Co-Founder, Thrive


“With Interakt, I had my account setup in less than 30 minutes and I was off to the races! There are lot of companies claiming to activate WhatsApp but Interakt will enable WhatsApp for you in an easy to use manner that can be integrated with your Support + Success teams!”

 Karan Chechani, Co-Founder, Thrive


Meet Thrive

The pandemic has forever changed how most businesses are run.

Thrive is a product of Hashtag Loyalty that deals in customer engagement and loyalty business solutions for offline businesses. With 85% of their customers being restaurateurs reeling from the pandemic’s far-reaching effects, Karan and his team thought it was only fitting to step-up and power the hospitality industry.

Restaurants were previously driving 30-40% of their revenue from delivery and nearly 25% of this went to aggregators such as Swiggy and Zomato. With the pandemic in play and no customers walking in, delivery resulted in being the only mode of revenue for most of these restaurants. On a mission to help restaurants survive the new normal – the team at Thrive built an all-in-one restaurant ordering platform for delivery, pickup and table ordering with in-built marketing.

With only one client in beta to onboarding 1000+ restaurants in just three months, Thrive scaled up with an influx of merchants who were quick to adopt their solution.


Their Goals

In a fast-paced industry like theirs, Thrive had a WhatsApp central strategy for merchant onboarding and they were in search of a solution that would offer:

  • • An organized and faster channel for communications that will aid in over 30% increase in merchant adoption
  • • A complete support solution for quicker query resolutions
  • • The ability to monitor all agent chats and improve the quality of conversations with customers


Their Solution

Owing to longer response rates, Karan and his team at Thrive were sure that email alone didn’t make the cut to drive merchant onboarding. Phone calls on the other hand were used only for priority resolution cases.

They were clear that the quicker they solved problems for merchants, the faster these merchants saw the value and adopted the platform.

With more restaurants signing up for Thrive and merchant interactions reaching new highs, Thrive turned to Interakt’s WhatsApp Business solution.

With Interakt’s top-notch features like Quick Replies and Automated Notifications, Thrive is able to perfect their customer support and deliver an excellent user experience.

“The biggest advantage is that we can move really fast with interakt – everything from onboarding to launching templates and notifications to send out to customers is super simplistic.”

 Karan Chechani, Co-Founder, Thrive

How did interakt help?

While other service providers took 10 to 30 days for onboarding, the team at Thrive signed up on Interakt, got their WhatsApp Business API approved and within just one day they were able to kick-start their WhatsApp support channel.

• Thrive got their WhatsApp Business number with the green tick via Interakt, which was a great boost for anyone communicating with them on WhatsApp
Interakt’s self-serve tool helped the team move faster, right from onboarding to launching templates and sending out automated bulk notifications

Interakt’s easy-to-use interface being very similar to other support channels helped in simplifying the overall implementation for Thrive

Looking to scale up your restaurant business?

Catch Thrive in action on their WhatsApp Number and learn how you can set up your own online food ordering system.