Making Online Investments Easier with Upstox using WhatsApp Business API

Upstox, Asia’s largest investment platform, currently has a growing number of users. With an increase in platform users (app users) came an uptick of dormant users. While Upstox had a reliable strategy to bring in new customers, they now needed to focus on how to better engage with their growing base of inactive customers. The team’s goal was to drive financial education, encourage trading activity, and convert these latent clients into frequent traders.

Challenge at Hand

Upstox’s user base had been growing each month, but the company wanted to explore new marketing channels, such as WhatsApp, to attract and onboard new users while also improving the trading experience for their existing clients.

•  With the goal of offering a distinct value proposition in a highly competitive market, Upstox aimed to become the first investment platform to support IPO applications on WhatsApp.

•  Despite registering and setting up an account with Upstox, a considerable number of users remained inactive. Upstox wanted an effective channel to activate dormant accounts.

•  Upstox also wanted to ensure that every incoming lead is promptly responded to in a timely and efficient manner.

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How Interakt helped Upstox

Interakt made it possible for Upstox users to apply for IPOs with little effort by providing WhatsApp automations.


With Interakt’s custom chatbot now all Upstox users need to do is start a conversation with the brand, verify their mobile number, and enter an OTP. Bidding and selecting lots is just as easy, and UPI ID verification completes the process!


Additionally, Interakt’s Proactive Messaging allowed Upstox to send WhatsApp notifications to users and achieve a 20% increase in the number of trades.


Interakt’s custom chatbot helps with onboarding new users and guiding them with personalized workflows



Upstox’s 10M customers love interacting with the custom chatbot build by Interakt to learn about investments and get immediate support. Upstox’s increased CSAT of more than 50% is a testament to that. 


Some of the features available to users through WhatsApp include activating an account, receiving step-by-step guidance for placing trades, applying for an IPO, and obtaining answers to general customer support questions. 


Upstox and Interakt regularly track and analyze user analytics to determine the next set of use cases that can be introduced on WhatsApp.