Keep customers engaged & improve LTV with WhatsApp

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Convert new leads & engage existing customers with Interakt’s WhatsApp notification engine
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Create high-converting WhatsApp campaigns with Concierge New

Allow Interakt’s AI-powered Concierge to recommend the best campaigns for maximum returns, with insights on click-through rates (CTR) to optimize your WhatsApp strategies & improve ROAS.

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WhatsApp automated flow

Set automated flow after the customer’s response

Gather opt-ins, set custom auto-replies, add automated workflows, send catalogs, and more when the customer replies to your template message.

5. Segment customers for targeting retargeting campaigns 1

Segment customers for targeting & retargeting campaigns

Segment your customers into different categories to send more targeted campaigns.

You can also re-target your leads acquired via Click to WhatsApp Ads, automatically tagged as ‘ctwa’ on our platform, to drive them further down the sales funnel.

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6. Transform Conversations to Commerce

Transform Conversations to Commerce

• Lost that customer because of astock-out? Send them a back-in-stock alert on WhatsApp.
• Recover lost sales with automated reminders for abandoned carts on WhatsApp
• Share personalized and timely alerts to inform customers about new offers
• And more….

3. Engage customers with interactive

Engage customers with interactive notifications

  1. Elevate campaign performance with rich media – images, videos, PDFs, and more
  2. Use elements like CTA, Interaktive Lists, & Quick Reply buttons to engage customers
3. Engage customers with interactive
4. Monitor Campaign Performance

Monitor Campaign Performance

  1. Monitor campaign performance stats like the number of messages Sent, Delivered, Read and Replied to
  2. Build campaign audiences based on these insights

Leverage Interakt’s notification engine to engage & convert customers on WhatsApp

Why Interakt with Customers on WhatsApp?

Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Leveraging WhatsApp’s engaging notifications, retaining customers has become simpler. This has led to 27% higher Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), subsequently driving higher business growth.
Reduce CAC 2

Reduce CAC

No more spending thousands of bucks for acquiring & converting a lead into a paying customer. Just send a personalized message on their favorite app – WhatsApp and reduce CAC by 30%
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Higher CSAT

Offer a seamless experience to your customers by providing them with order status, delivery, and other important details on their favorite messaging app

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WhatsApp Marketing suitable for all types of businesses?

Yes, WhatsApp Marketing can benefit a wide range of businesses. It enables direct engagement, personalized communication, and easy sharing of content. From small enterprises to large corporations, various industries can leverage its versatility for reaching customers at scale, showcase products/services and engage customers 24/7.

How can WhatsApp Marketing be used for lead generation?

WhatsApp can enhance lead generation by:
1. Opt-in Campaigns: Promote subscribing to updates and offer valuable content.
2. Content Sharing: Share ebooks, webinar recordings, etc., in exchange for user info.
3. Contests: Run interactive contests for engaging and  gathering data from participants.
4. Exclusive Offers: Provide discounts or offers for contact information.
5. Personalized Communication: Build relationships and nurture leads over time.

Is WhatsApp Marketing compliant with privacy regulations?

Yes, WhatsApp Marketing must comply with privacy regulations. Businesses must obtain user consent before sending messages, provide opt-out options, and handle personal data responsibly. Non-compliance can result in penalties. Always adhere to relevant data protection laws to ensure ethical and legal practices.

How can I measure the success of my WhatsApp Marketing campaigns?
Measure WhatsApp Marketing campaign success:

– Open Rates: Track how many recipients open your messages.

-Conversion Rates: Monitor how many recipients take desired actions.

-Response Time: Gauge user engagement and satisfaction.

-Opt-out Rates: Track unsubscribes to refine targeting.

-Sales/Leads Generated: Measure direct impact on business goals.

-Customer Feedback: Collect qualitative insights for improvements.

-A/B Testing: Compare variations to identify effective strategies. Use these metrics to assess performance and refine future campaigns.

What content types work best for WhatsApp Marketing?

Personalized  offers or discount deals are highly effective in WhatsApp Marketing. They instantly capture users’ attention and boost engagement. For instance, during festive seasons, businesses like Flipkart, Jio, Myntra, Nykaa, etc., use WhatsApp to share exclusive discount deals, driving increased customer interaction and sales.

How can I avoid coming across as spammy with WhatsApp Marketing?