In conversation with Vishu Bansal, Co-founder, AccioJob


“interakt’s WhatsApp management software has been a game-changing service for us at AccioJob till now. The open rate of WhatsApp is far better than any other channel. With the help of interakt, we are able to remind our students about the test & results at scale. Would highly recommend it!”

Vishu Bansal, Co-Founder, AccioJob


Meet AccioJob

AccioJob, a venture by IIT Delhi Alumni was launched as a one-stop placement solution for students, colleges and companies.

Last year, the team at AccioJob realized the need to upskill and train the youth to empower them to land better jobs. They pivoted their goals to offer hands-on training, mentoring and job-guaranteed courses.

Vishu and his team devised a win-win model of a ‘pay-after-placement’ program that lasts for six months. This way, the students are not burdened with exorbitant fees and they only have to pay once they get a job and start earning.

Just recently, AccioJob completed the six months training program for their first batch and over 60% of their students have already been placed.



Their Goals

For a business with the youth of the country as their target audience, Vishu and his team were convinced that WhatsApp would be the primary channel to reach and engage with their users. Their goals to leverage an all-in-one WhatsApp business tool were:

  • • With WhatsApp messages having over 90% open rates, they wanted to capitalize on this channel to remind students about upcoming tests
  • • The team was on the hunt for a solution to streamline and automate the process of manually reaching out to students on WhatsApp


Their Solution

AccioJob came across interakt while on the lookout for that perfect WhatsApp business solution. Vishu pointed out that the team trusted the capabilities of interakt as it was a product of Haptik – a well-renowned brand in the market. This was also a great push for them to come on board with interakt.

They found the onboarding process at interakt to be extremely easy. The demo videos and the constant assistance offered helped AccioJob to get started with interakt and set up WhatsApp Notification campaigns in no time.

The team today is happy with the feature-set and solutions offered. Vishu also mentioned that he been referring interakt to fellow entrepreneurs as a complete solution for businesses looking to leverage WhatsApp.

“Prior to interakt we had to manually message students on WhatsApp. Coming on board with interakt has helped automate and streamline the whole process.”

 Vishu Bansal, Co-Founder, AccioJob

How did interakt help?

AccioJob uses interakt to send WhatsApp notifications as reminders for tests to students. interakt has helped the team step up their performance by automating and simplifying the entire process.

• interakt has powered the team at AccioJob to seamlessly handle the high volume of incoming chats – they currently have a 4 member team that handles upto 100 chats in a day, during test days.
• The team is able to resolve queries a lot faster by creating Quick Replies with responses to FAQs.

• They currently use personalized WhatsApp templates to notify and remind students about practice tests and other upcoming tests.

• With interakt’s Tag feature, they are able to create and add relevant tags to classify students that have been selected for their program.

A trusted name amongst students and colleges across India, AccioJob is a go-to platform for students looking for transformational learning experiences and job-guaranteed courses.

Talk to them on WhatsApp today to know more.