24x7 Customer Support with WhatsApp CRM

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Respond to your customers 24×7, track tickets & ensure they are replied to on time, and collaborate with your team on the go, all from a unified platform

14 day free trial. No credit card required.

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25,000+ Businesses Across the Globe Trust Interakt

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Say Hello to AnswerBot New

Automate customer support on WhatsApp with Interakt’s ChatGPT-powered AnswerBot. Craft seamless interactions that address common queries effortlessly and seamlessly escalate to your support team when necessary, ensuring a smoother and more efficient support operation on WhatsApp
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Offer Customer Support on WhatsApp & Instagram New

Empower your agents to efficiently manage customer queries from WhatsApp & Instagram through a single inbox. This streamlined approach enhances responsiveness and coherence in addressing customer needs, ultimately leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty.
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Collaborate with your teammates

Enable real-time team collaboration with conversation labels & private notes. Assign and re-assign chats for better customer service.
5. CRM Collabrate With Teammates
2. CRM Quick Replies

Respond to customer queries swiftly

Answer customer queries instantly with Quick Replies, that lets you save responses to repetitive queries and fast-track resolution
3. CRM Chat Analytics

Track your team’s response time

Monitor response & resolution times of your team to improve customer experience and increase CSAT scores.
3. CRM Chat Analytics
4. CRM Customer Tag

Add labels to customer traits for better engagement

Label customers to segregate them into different categories. For instance, if you have a list of repeat purchase customers, you can tag them to prioritize their conversations.
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Instant access to customer information

With Shared Team Inbox, you have access to all the customer information in one place. You can organize & access this information via smart cards, labels, & private notes
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Have more questions about WhatsApp Customer Support? We have got you covered

What is WhatsApp customer support?

WhatsApp customer support enables businesses to provide personalized assistance, resolve inquiries, and engage with their customers at scale using WhatsApp automation. The WhatsApp automation makes the support functions scalable & cost-effective.

How does WhatsApp customer support work?

WhatsApp customer support involves businesses using the WhatsApp Business API to communicate with customers at scale. Customers can send messages, ask questions, and receive assistance from the business on WhatsApp

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp for customer support?
 WhatsApp customer support offers the following benefits

-Personalized interactions

-Automation for quick query resolution

-Multi-agent login for team collaboration

-Automated workflows to collect quick feedback

Is WhatsApp customer support secure and compliant with data privacy regulations?

 Yes, WhatsApp prioritizes security and uses end-to-end encryption to protect customer interactions. However, it’s essential for businesses to handle customer data responsibly and in compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR.

Can I automate responses for WhatsApp customer support?