Set up your online store on WhatsApp

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Enable customers to discover, browse, and purchase products/services on the go from WhatsApp

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25,000+ Businesses Across the Globe Trust Interakt

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Accept Native Payments on WhatsApp New

Streamline the customer experience, minimize abandoned transactions, and eliminate the need for redirection to external checkout pages by seamlessly accepting native payments directly within WhatsApp.
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WhatsApp workflows

Create Conversational Flows that Convert

Create event-based workflows on WhatsApp to guide your customers through various processes like appointment booking, new registrations, etc.
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Set up automated checkout workflows

Streamline your ordering process on WhatsApp by utilizing our automated checkout flows.

Send the final order value, ask for shipping details, and share the payment link for swift and hassle-free checkouts on WhatsApp

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Categorize products into Collections

Create product collections in your WhatsApp catalogs to effortlessly categorize your offerings. This will enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Gain insights into customer purchasing behaviors and strategically bundle products to optimize conversion rates.

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Create Custom Catalogs

With the catalogs accessible in the inbox section, your sales team can create and send custom catalogs and offer a very comprehensive assisted selling experience to your customers!

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Track Order 1

Track your sales in the Order Panel

Effortlessly monitor your sales performance with our dedicated Order Panel. Gain valuable insights into your WhatsApp sales, track your total order value, and easily conduct comprehensive sales analysis.

If you are a Shopify Merchant, Install our Sales channel App from the Shopify App Store or check out our dedicated Shopify page to discover cool features and upgrade your WhatsApp sales strategy!

Send catalogs as part of campaigns & auto-replies

Leverage Conversational Commerce with WhatsApp


What is WhatsApp Commerce?
WhatsApp Commerce is a business strategy that leverages the WhatsApp platform to connect with customers, showcase products, and facilitate transactions. WhatsApp commerce grows your businesses to engage with their audience, answer queries, and offer a seamless shopping experience within the WhatsApp messaging app.
How can I categorize my products into WhatsApp Collections?
To categorize products into WhatsApp Collections, you can use WhatsApp’s catalog feature. Simply organize your products into different catalog categories, making it easier for customers to browse and find what they need.
What is a WhatsApp Catalog, and how can I create one?
A WhatsApp Catalog is a tailored product showcase that you can create to highlight specific items or promotions. You can create one by using your WhatsApp Business account.
How can I set up checkout workflows on WhatsApp?
To set up automated checkout workflows, it is mandatory to configure WhatsApp Business API to your WhatsApp Business account. WhatsApp checkout workflow can guide customers through the checkout process, provide order updates, and even collect payments seamlessly.
Can automated checkout workflows on WhatsApp handle payment collection?
Yes, many automated checkout solutions for WhatsApp are designed to collect payments securely. They can integrate with payment gateways to facilitate seamless transactions.
How do I share order updates automatically through WhatsApp?
With automated checkout workflows, you can configure the system to place order on WhatsApp, get order updates, including shipping details and delivery notifications, to customers.