In conversation with Rebekah Sood, Co-Founder, Atmosphere Kombucha

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“Overall we love using interakt for our company. Its given us a really nice way in which we can communicate directly with our customers and vice versa – interakt has provided an easy and direct channel for our customers to get in touch with us.”

 Rebekah Sood, Co-Founder, Atmosphere Kombucha

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Meet Atmosphere Kombucha

Rebekah and her sister Ariella started Atmosphere Kombucha with a mission to help people heal their guts and thrive in a clean and healthy atmosphere. Offering an entire line of health-boosting products such as Kombucha and raw vegan cheesecakes, they are looking to spread the goodness of probiotics and prebiotics for a happy, healthy gut.

With an initial B2B model, Rebekah and her team started selling to cafes and restaurants. Over time they set up an Instagram page and started receiving a lot of orders via Instagram DMs.

With more orders pouring in, they decided to set up a store via Shopify to sell Kombucha online and offer home delivery.

The company has grown over the years, almost doubling their revenue in the last two years. With the pandemic forcing most businesses to go online, Atmosphere Kombucha now gets 70-80% of their business via online orders.

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Their Goals

Rebekah and her team realized that managing orders and customer conversations via Instagram DMs was not the best approach.

With an objective to track their orders better and offer excellent customer service, they decided to look for a WhatsApp based business solution. Their main goals were to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing an avenue where customers can reach out to them instantly and have a human contact with someone from the team
  • Offer a world-class service in handling and resolving customer queries
  • Assign conversations to other team members
  • Be able to monitor and gain more visibility of customer chats across the team

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Their Solution

Prior to using interakt, Rebekah and her team were using WhatsApp’s standard App. The lack of accountability and the hassle of managing multiple conversations within the team using a single device is what led them to sign up for interakt’s WhatsApp Business Solution.

interakt’s shared team inbox made it possible for the entire team to be on the same page and manage customer chats seamlessly.

The ability to easily assign and hand over customer conversations solved a lot of manual back and forth that the team faced earlier.

“I have had people from other businesses order from us and praise our customer support service over WhatsApp. They were happy to instantly get in touch with someone from our team and be updated about their orders from time to time. We’ve had really great feedback from both customers and other business owners.”

 Rebekah Sood, Co-Founder, Atmosphere Kombucha

How did interakt help?

interakt has helped Atmosphere Kombucha shift most of their conversations to WhatsApp making it easy for both the customers and the team at Atmosphere Kombucha to engage with each other.

• Using interakt’s WhatsApp Business API solution, Rebekah points out that they are now able to streamline their customer chats and manage their orders better.
• Every time an order is placed, Atmosphere Kombucha sends out an update to their customers, which helps them initiate a conversation and continue it on WhatsApp.

Atmosphere Kombucha’s wellness products and workshops are here to help you live your best life.

Get talking to them on WhatsApp to know more about their wellness offerings.