Carigar Tools was incorporated in 2018, with a vision to revolutionise the Traditional Power Tools sector through utilizing cutting-edge technology. They took their business online in the hope to leverage their industry experience to become a leading power tools and machinery B2B brand in India and worldwide for the “Karigars”.

“As a business chasing aggressive growth, we started to see a lot of customer queries coming, turning into successful sales. That’s when we realised that we needed a proactive channel to not just communicate with our existing customers but also new leads.”

The challenge of scaling communication across marketing, sales and support

Carigar Tools has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months, reaching a mid-size company level with about hundred employees (and growing).

But they started out small, with a team of 20 people chasing aggressive growth in terms of marketing, sales and customer support. Each member worked on everything trying to keep up with the incoming demand as well as serving the existing customers.

“One of the biggest challenges we faced was staying on top of all the leads as well as customer communication. In our zeal to acquire new customers, we focused on incoming leads over keeping our existing customers engaged, leading to a drop in the quality of support we wanted to offer them.”

This is when Carigar Tools started to look out for a pocket-friendly solution that will not just enable streamlining conversations, but also automating them across the different stages of a buyer’s journey to focus on acquisition, engagement and retention at the same time.

At this point in time, Carigar Tools was serving an influx of 500-1000 customers who required timely information regarding the products, product assistance and education to put them to use, alongside frequent communication to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

The brand also identified that a common channel of communication for most “Karigars” was the chat app, WhatsApp.

This is when the brand discovered Interakt.

Using the WhatsApp Business API with Interakt

After exploring WhatsApp Business API solutions and service providers for WhatsApp marketing, Carigar Tools found Interkat.

Going through the platform, its offering and the growth potential it offered to the business, Kunal Srinivasan, Head of Digital Sales at Carigar Tools decided to give Interakt a shot to solve their communication woes.

The Interakt team spent some time understanding the needs of Carigar Tools and how their consumers progressed through the journey with the brand.

The next step was to look into what was required to enable WhatsApp marketing for Carigar tools, starting from Facebook verification.

“We were hitting a roadblock when it came to Facebook verification. But the Interakt team guided us through the process, assisting us in every possible way. And from June 2021 onwards, we have been with Interakt for WhatsApp marketing!”

The impact of using Interakt for WhatsApp marketing

The brand has a strong online presence, which requires the telemarketing team to stay on top of incoming queries.

The communication typically requires the team to share product images, videos and information over WhatsApp on an almost daily basis.

With the help of Interakt, Carigar Tools leveraged pre-existing, customizable templates along with automation to bring consistency into the communication on WhatsApp, based on the stage a buyer was at.

For example, Karigars frequently require upgrading or changing their tools as they wear out with time. With Interakt, the brand set up automations such as WhatsApp reminders to bring them back after set durations.

They also put WhatsApp templates for customer support to work, making it a more efficient process to service their incoming leads and consumer concerns.case6

To simplify the process of managing orders and customer information, Carigar Tools integrated their eCommerce CMS – Shopify, with Interakt.

Apart from consistent communication with leads and existing customers, the integration also enabled the brand to confirm 20-50 orders on a daily basis without having to invest hours into manual confirmations.

The support team was able to tackle more than 200-300 incoming product queries over a period of 2 months with the help of WhatsApp automations set up on Interakt. The templatisation of the support messages also helped the business communication stay on-brand as well as collect the right information at the right time.

But that’s not all.

As the business scales, they are generating 200-300 leads as well from WhatsApp. Interakt is helping them convert incoming queries into successful sales through streamlined and proactive communication.

“Thanks to Interakt, Carigar Tools has been able to simplify sales and customer conversations on WhatsApp. For a company that is aggressively chasing higher goals and doubling their marketing efforts almost every day, we finally have a channel that both our team and customers are happy to make use of!”

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