In conversation with Lokesh Gurram, Co-Founder, Ditto by Finshots

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“interakt offered us a faster go-to-market for our WhatsApp Business requirements. Great product for startups.”

 Bhanu Gurram, Co-Founder, Ditto by Finshots

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Meet Ditto By Finshots

Launched by the makers of Finshots, Ditto is a brand new venture to help users understand insurance better and make sound decisions when it comes to financial products.

With over 2 Lakhs subscribers, Finshots has gained much popularity with their daily dose of simplified financial news.

Backed by a primary objective to share financial information in a way that everyone can understand, the team’s next move was to help out users – millennials in particular, with insurance.

With most of us having little to no understanding of health and life insurance policies – navigating through a zillion policy documents and narrowing down on the right one can be quite overwhelming. Lokesh and his team at Ditto, are here to put an end to that. With an active hotline, the team aims to provide personalized advice to users – helping them avoid pitfalls and make the right choice when it comes to buying insurance.

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Their Goals

With a goal to help users navigate the complexities of insurance policies, Ditto set up a dedicated hotline. Along with calls, WhatsApp was also considered as a primary channel with an aim to:

• Get 2x more open rates than email and provide a seamless customer experience
• Reach out to over 1000 users on their most preferred instant messaging app

• Enable customers to reach out to them anytime with additional queries

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Their Solution

Lokesh and his team, not only wanted to offer a superior customer experience but also wanted to be able to power their growing team with a solution that promised better customer engagement rates.

In search of the perfect tool, they looked around at other solution providers like Freshworks. They were finally convinced to go for interakt’s WhatsApp Business solution owing to the rich functionalities and an easy-to-use interface. Transparent pricing was another main factor that led to opting for interakt. interakt’s value-based pricing plan was just right for the offered feature-set when compared to other solutions in the market.

“We got one demo for interakt – the platform was intuitive for us to take on from there. We were convinced with the feature-set and we never faced any problems with the usability of the platform.”

 Lokesh Gurram, Co-Founder, Ditto by Finshots

How did interakt help?

A smooth onboarding process and interakt’s intuitive platform enabled the team to kickstart their WhatsApp support channel in less than 5 minutes!

  • • For a content-based platform like Ditto’s, it is important to have an active customer base and using WhatsApp as a communication channel has helped them achieve greater open rates.
  • • Ditto witnessed a jump in the number of people who were actively engaging with their content over WhatsApp, when compared to emails.
  • • Follow-up conversations were made easy with WhatsApp – a significant chunk of users keep coming back with additional questions in a day or two after the initial round of conversations.

If you’re looking to navigate the complex world of insurance – do it with Ditto by Finshots.

Go ahead & reach out to them on WhatsApp today to find the right insurance policy for you.