Timeless classics, age-old traditions, and a contemporary approach is what roughly translates as the USP of Indian Ethnic Co. The founders, Hetal Desai (Chief Creative Designer) and Lekhinee Desai(Sales & Marketing), understood the demand & need for handloom, handcrafted products in the market and upscaling their business to meet the requirement.

“We are basically into sustainable handcrafted clothing keeping traditional block printing techniques at the core of the product. We keep the styles really contemporary and modern so that it appeals to the aesthetic of today’s woman”

– Lekhinee Desai, Co-founder, Indian Ethnic Co.

Their products are a melange of both worlds– tradition that marries into the modern lifestyle, all while being fashionably relevant. Lekhinee Desai, started sourcing a few pieces of the Ajrak prints that would soon be sold out after being posted on Instagram. This coupled with the steady rise in demand made her think if they ought to conceptualize a brand that will meet all the demands of their patrons. The dynamic mother-daughter duo, therefore, started “Indian Ethnic Co.”.


What were the challenges faced?

One of the most common challenges that a brand faces due to an influx of queries is responsiveness and targeted solutions. The queries that pop up during a customer support interaction need to be handled with due diligence and if required, to be escalated or transferred to a person who can handle the query efficiently. This time-consuming task was something that the brand was having challenges with. They also noticed that using the traditional marketing approach was resulting in low open rates.

Additionally, they also wanted to develop their credibility and forge a trustworthy bond with their customers.


Interakt and WhatsApp Business API integration— How has it helped the brand?

The integration of Interakt with The Ethinic Co’s WhatsApp Business API proved to be a success with the brand unlocking its full potential by syncing with their customers’ needs. WhatsApp Business API has always been instrumental in connecting brands with their customers due to its inherent quality of being used so extensively by people all around. From product catalogs to order updates, the WhatsApp Business platform narrows the gap between the business and the customer.

“After getting the coveted green tick, the trust that now the customers have on the brand has really increased. They feel that they are now talking to a brand that’s real and trustworthy. So, that’s really helped us get a lot of orders also”

– Lekhinee Desai, Co-founder, Indian Ethnic Co.

One of the ways that customers feel more at peace and satisfied during a transaction is when the brand is verified, with the much coveted green tick verification. When the conversations start flowing, customers are being converted and the word spreads across.

The brand has been able to keep its customers engaged using the promotional feature of Interakt. This has led to the brand curating specific offers, promotions and deals for customers based on their brand loyalty and in turn helped for easier segregation and segmentation of customers.

With Interakt on board, Indian Ethnic Co. has also been able to understand and evaluate customer behaviour and buying patterns. For example, they now know and are well informed on the kind of style that resonates with their audience and are more readily accepted and purchased by customers.


How has Interakt impacted Indian Ethnic Co.?

Recover abandoned carts: They have been able to recover abandoned carts at double the rate and if not more. What started at a 7% recovery rate is currently at a whopping 15-20% recovery rate.

Dramatic increase in open rates: Emails see a 15-20% open rate while WhatsApp has a much higher open rate. The brand saw 80-90% open rates with Interakt.

“After using Interakt and its services, I’ve also recommended it to a lot of Co-Founders who have now become Interakt’s customers. So, I think that’s the level of proficiency in Interakt’s services” –

– Lekhinee Desai, Co-founder, Indian Ethnic Co.

Interakt has impacted many brands positively by helping them reach out to their target audience with the right tools curated specifically to elevate your business and its operations. Interakt is just what your business needs, try us today!

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