AllThingsBaby Case Study

How the WhatsApp Business Platform on Interakt helped All Things Baby Manage Better Customer Relationships

All Things Baby is a baby care e-commerce platform offering a host of essential products that a lot of Indian parents are looking out for. Not long ago, the only way to get a hold of these products was through kind gestures of family and friends who offered to bring back essential baby formula, diapers, and baby gear from their international trips. Founded by Tejal Bajla and Akshay Jalan, All Things Baby was curated to make the lives of Indian parents easy by providing easy access to essential, high-quality products belonging to popular international brands.

Some of the brands featured in the store include Shnuggle, Ubbi, Pearhead, Baby Bjorn, Brainsmith, Abena, and Bambo Nature among others. Over the next 2 years, the company plans to add close to 200 premium international and Indian brands to its existing fleet to meet the rising demand for authentic baby care products in the country.

The need to offer personalized customer services and send bulk messages to customers

With international travel getting banned as a result of the Covid -19 pandemic, the company began to witness a huge spike in queries from Indian parents seeking out the international brands featured on the platform. One can say that this truly marked the rise of All Things Baby.

Soon enough the brand realized the need to offer personalized services to its customers. A lot of customers prefer reaching out to brands on chat platforms and WhatsApp is the most popular of them all. Hence WhatsApp became the go-to communication channel for the company to reach out to its customers and offer personalized services.

“For the kind of clients we cater to and the type of products we carry at All Things Baby it became increasingly important to offer a more personalized service and hence WhatsApp became the preferred mode of communication beyond our social handles”

With an increasing number of customer conversations on WhatsApp the company soon ran into a few challenges that hindered its progress. Some of the challenges faced included a lack of accountability within the team, missing conversation threads, and the inability to send out promotional messages with offers and discounts in bulk to all its customers.

It was time to find a solution beyond WhatsApp for business that would help the company overcome these challenges and set the stage for success. Their ongoing search led them to discover Interakt, the official WhatsApp Business API provider.

Using WhatsApp Business API on Interakt

Interakt was just the platform the makers of All Things Baby were looking for. With its top-notch features such as the shared team inbox, the company was able to manage its customer conversations more efficiently. The shared team inbox ensured that its team did not miss out on any customer conversations. The team had more clarity over every active conversation with the conversation threads being available for easy reference. Interakt allowed the company to assign conversations to support agents. This improved team accountability with the manager knowing who is working on what query at any given point in time.

Another feature that made a positive impact on the company was the effortless integration with Shopify. This incredible feature made it possible for customers to shop for their favourite products while conversing with the team over WhatsApp and making the payment for the order on the store’s Shopify storefront.

The automated WhatsApp notifications on Interakt helped the company stay connected with its customers at every point of their buying journey. This feature enabled the company to send out timely alerts, updates, and notifications keeping customers informed on the status of their orders or updated on the latest happenings. These messages can be personalized to capture the customer’s name, city, and order details making them more appealing to its recipients.

Last but not the least, Interakt’s team has been extremely supportive right from the beginning making sure the company had a hassle-free experience with the platform. With Interakt onboard, All Things Baby was equipped to offer the best customer services leading to improved customer satisfaction.

“Since onboarding, the customer service team at Interakt has been fabulous with addressing all our initial queries. They remain accessible to us which makes them a great partner in our journey.”

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