In conversation with Harsh Doshi, Founder, Hugg Beverages


Meet Hugg Beverages

Most companies in the health and wellness space today, believe that fulfilling your vitamin and mineral deficiencies is essential for a long and healthy life. Harsh and his team at Hugg Beverages have a slightly different opinion.

They are strong believers in the importance of good gut health for living a long, happy and spirited life. With Hugg beverages, their focus is not just on probiotics and prebiotics but their aim is to offer a complete gut health solution built using traditional Indian food.


Their Goals

As a new brand looking to build trust, WhatsApp has always been a core channel for communication. Using the regular WhatsApp account was limiting in many ways. Managing customer chats over a single device was turning out to be a hassle.

Their goals to move to a WhatsApp Business API solution were pretty simple.

  • They wanted a solution that offers shared management of WhatsApp chats
  • With a unique story to tell, Harsh and his team realized that it was important to leverage a channel like WhatsApp to build engaging one-on-one conversations with their audience
  • They were looking for the right channel to converse with their customers without having to get on a call


Their Solution

Their need for an all-powerful WhatsApp business solution led them to explore the many solution providers in the market today. While the core offering was largely similar, it came down to commercials.

What stood out about interakt was that the solution was offered at a very attractive price point – the WhatsApp template charges were passed on in actuals with no additional costs. Another factor that weighed in favour of interakt, was that the brand was being backed by a known name like Haptik – which helped remove any concerns about data theft or core product performance.

interakt’s automation capabilities have helped Hugg Beverages bring down their costs and increase their overall conversion rate. Harsh points out that there isn’t any point of customer interaction that has not been automated on WhatsApp via interakt.



How did interakt help?

interakt’s shared team inbox has been a boon for the team powering them with smarter chat management features and enabling them to converse with and support a larger number of customers.

• interakt’s feature to tag and track customers acts as a mini CRM making it comparatively easier than placing the data on multiple spreadsheets and managing it manually.

• Automations has been another solution that has helped the team to time their messages and deliver them within a set interval. This application has removed the need for an additional resource to manually follow up with a customer.

• Customers now make repeat purchases on WhatsApp owing to the ease and convenience of interacting via an instant messaging channel.

From order updates to delivery intimations, taking feedback on the product, following up for repeat purchases and welcome messages to new customers – every point of interaction with the customer is now handled on WhatsApp.‍

Hugg Beverage’s morning drink is everything you need to recharge when you feel drained out. Get talking to them on WhatsApp to know more about the importance of maintaining good gut health