In conversation with Nabadip Deb, Business Strategy & Customer Success Lead, Nymble

“interakt through its platform has made it possible for us to reach out to our customer base in a far more efficient way – it has led to increased open rates and subsequently impacted our conversion rates.”

 Nabadip Deb, Business Strategy & Customer Success Lead, Nymble


Meet Nymble

Nymble, launched in 2016, was the result of one simple idea – to put home-cooking on auto-pilot.

With an aim to break down the effort and time involved in cooking at home – Julia, Nymble’s very own smart robot sous chef is here to help you cook complete meals automatically and exactly the way you want it.

Nymble’s smart kitchen appliance comes packed with a whole range of all-time favourite recipes to choose from. Driven entirely by their customer’s taste and food preferences, Nymble’s smart kitchen robot lets you tweak recipes as per your liking and even lets you add your own recipes.


Their Goals

In order to conduct user-trials, the team at Nymble were on the lookout for a platform that will be a support channel to their entire lead journey. Nabadip and his team decided to go with WhatsApp as the main customer touchpoint since this was a channel where:

  • • People could easily converse with them
  • • They could get at least 80 leads to begin their trials in India
  • • They could get instant feedback, share COVID-19 related protocols and safety measures taken for home installation

Their Solution

Nymble signed up for interakt’s complete WhatsApp business solution, as they wanted a platform that could help them with their customer journey. Right from welcoming customers on board, scheduling calls, conducting the initial trials to sharing recipe cards and collecting feedback – everything is managed entirely on interakt.

Even the post customer experience which includes ratings on the food and thank-you videos are done entirely on WhatsApp via interakt.

 “We have been heavily reliant on interakt for sending out important communication regarding COVID protocols we have been following as well as gathering feedback on our product through this medium. interakt has been up to the task and to that end, shoutout to the entire team for building a strong product suite.”

 Nabadip Deb, Business Strategy & Customer Success Lead, Nymble

How did interakt help?

Coming on board with interakt has helped Nymble speed up the process of generating quality leads and reach their targets in just 45 days.

• They are able to maintain longer conversation threads over WhatsApp

Customers have been happy with the ease of communications that have been enabled via interakt

• Going live with interakt has doubled their paid trials to 10 every 5 days

Need help with cooking? Nymble has removed all the hassles from the process of everyday eating, making it an absolutely seamless experience.

Reach out to them on WhatsApp to know more.