In conversation with Varun Sarda, Founder & CEO, WTFares


“To have one WhatsApp number managed by multiple team members is something that I have always wanted in the past two years. interakt has helped fulfill that.”

 Varun Sarda, Founder & CEO, WTFares

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Meet WTFares

WTFares was launched in 2015 as a booking engine. Back when the flight ticket size was around Rs. 8000, WTFares was doing great with over 50 odd transactions in just a day.

Soon, in an effort to rethink their strategies, Varun and his team started free flight cancellation on all domestic flights. Being the first-movers in the industry, this business model took off to a great start giving them notable media coverages, even a monopoly in the market to set the terms.

In just a few months, with other players replicating this model, it no longer remained a USP for WTFares. When they started seeing a drop-out of users, in order to get back on the map – the team decided to plan exclusive holidays for their users.

They started focusing on lesser-known destinations around the world, that were not frequently visited. Seychelles was one such destination that was super luxurious, affordable and even had direct flights to. The team quickly started building holiday plans for Seychelles and a few South-East Asian countries. By 2018, WTFares was doing over 1000 arrivals into Seychelles every year. They became the sole contributors for 15% of Indian arrivals into Seychelles, which won them an award from the tourism board of Seychelles.

WTFares went on to make Rs. 2.5 Crores a month and continued to do sizeable business, with an increase of 35-40% in annual revenues.

wtfares3Their Goals

With a forte in crafting some of the best holiday experiences around the world, Varun and his team were keen to scale up and build onto this with added value for their users. In addition to revamping their website and building one of the fastest holiday planning websites, they decided to bank on WhatsApp to push sales.

Their goals were to:

  • • Reach customers on the most used messaging app & improve the current response time which was 30-40 hours via email
  • • Have multiple teammates manage at least 5-6 customer chats and have a record of all the conversations in one place‍


Their Solution

In order to stay in the game and keep going strong, Varun solely believes that the business needs to pivot and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the travel industry. For a product like theirs, where manual advice and constant customer engagement is a must, email simply did not make the cut.

Before the launch of interakt, WTFares who were one of the early players to trust in the capabilities of WhatsApp as a channel for business, used non-official solutions that were eventually turning out to be very costly and unreliable.

After going through a smooth onboarding with interakt, Varun and his team were happy to be told exactly where the product is headed. Among the many features of interakt, Automated WhatsApp Notifications have truly worked wonders for WTFares in driving interested queries instantly.

While pricing was reasonable, Varun says that another reason to opt for interakt was that the team was extremely responsive and open to suggestions for building better user experiences.

“For us, this solution is just amazing! It helps us push sales and spark communications with our customers.”

 Varun Sarda, Founder & CEO, WTFares

How did interakt help?

The team at WTFares believes that interakt’s complete WhatsApp Business solution is the need of the hour as they are able to engage, entice and converse with customers on a more personal level.

With the majority of their conversations happening on WhatsApp, interakt has helped them achieve their goals a lot faster than expected.

  • With one customer support agent addressing six different users at a time without losing focus, WTFares is now able to get more sales, communicate and address customer queries a lot faster using WhatsApp
  • After onboarding with interakt, they have stopped using calls as a channel entirely owing to the exceptional rates of customer engagement seen on Whatsapp
  • WhatsApp has been instrumental in building brand recall and improving their credibility as an established business among their users when compared to other channels like Instagram ads or Google Ads‍

Planning a holiday? Leave it to the pros at WTFares! Speak to the best travel agents for over 100 destinations.

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