All about WhatsApp Messaging Limit

The number connected to your WhatsApp Business API account is subject to some messaging limits, as defined by WhatsApp.

Meaning of WhatsApp Messaging Limit:

Messaging limit means the maximum number of business-initiated conversations, which you can initiate using your phone number in a rolling 24-hour period. 


– A business-initiated conversation begins when the first ‘template message’ is delivered to a customer, and ends 24 hours later. Within the 24-hour window of the conversation, there is no limit on the number of messages that you can send. 

– There is no restriction or limit on the number of user-initiated conversations that you can reply to.

Default WhatsApp Messaging Limits:

After connecting a number to your WhatsApp API account, you will get either of the following messaging limits:

Messaging Limit Facebook Business Account WhatsApp Display Name
250 Not Verified Not Approved
1000 Verified Approved


– Getting your Facebook Business Account verified is a simple process. Know more about Facebook Verification here.

– Review of the WhatsApp Display Name is done by WhatsApp automatically after your Facebook Business Account has been verified. See WhatsApp’s guidelines for Display Names.

Increased WhatsApp Messaging Limits:

After having reached a messaging limit of 1000, you can increase your messaging limit to the following tiers:

– 10,000

– 1,00,000

– Unlimited

To get to the above tiers, you need to fulfill some criteria set by WhatsApp. Read about the applicable criteria here.

How to check your WhatsApp Messaging Limit:

Go to the Home page in your Interakt account. You can check and refresh your WhatsApp Messaging Limit and Facebook Verification Status from there. 

Example to understand WhatsApp Messaging Limit:

Suppose your messaging limit is 250. Given below is a table explaining how your Balance Messaging Limit changes through the day, depending upon the number of Business Initiated Conversations that you initiate:

Date Time Number of Business Initiated Conversations Initiated Balance Messaging Limit
1st Jan 2023 9 AM n/a 250
1st Jan 2023 10 AM 40 210
1st Jan 2023 1 PM 50 160
1st Jan 2023 3 PM 80 80
1st Jan 2023 6 PM 50 30
1st Jan 2023 9 PM 30 n/a
10 PM n/a (Cant be initiated) n/a
2nd Jan 2023 9 AM n/a(Can't be intiated) n/a
2nd Jan 2023 10:01 AM n/a (Cant be initiated) n/a
2nd Jan 2023 1:01 PM n/a (Cant be initiated) 90
2nd Jan 2023 03:01 PM n/a (Cant be initiated) 170
2nd Jan 2023 06:01 PM n/a (Cant be initiated) 220
2nd Jan 2023 09:01 PM n/a (Cant be initiated) 250
2nd Jan 2023 10 PM n/a (Cant be initiated) 250