Are you an agency, Independent Software Vendor (ISV), business, or an individual envisioning a seamless entry into the WhatsApp Business API realm? Look no further! Propel your WhatsApp partner services to new heights and unlock a tenfold revenue increase by becoming a WhatsApp partner with Interakt.

The WhatsApp Business Platform empowers businesses to connect with their customers personally, and at scale. WhatsApp Business API has transcended conventional communication methods, proving to be a full-stack platform—10 times more effective than emails and SMS. WhatsApp Business App stands as the paramount channel for customer acquisition, engagement, conversion, support, and retention, making it a beloved platform for businesses aiming to flourish.

With a staggering 3.8 billion active users, WhatsApp has solidified its position as the premier messaging platform. Global leading businesses such as Nykaa, MakeMyTrip, Disney+ Hotstar, Upstox, StarHub, Mondelez, and more are harnessing the power of WhatsApp to connect with prospects and seamlessly convert them into valued customers.


What is Meta’s WhatsApp Partnership Program?

The Tech Provider Program stands as an innovative partnership model, forging alliances between WhatsApp business partners and Interakt to deliver a robust WhatsApp Solution. This model empowers partners to assume the pivotal role of WhatsApp service providers. At the same time, Interakt, an Official Meta Solution Partner, manages all the WhatsApp Business platform aspects— from the initial onboarding phase to the seamless maintenance that follows.

With Interakt’s WhatsApp API reseller partnership model, you wield the transformative ability to empower business owners. Businesses can harness the potential of WhatsApp for their enterprises, effectively leveling the playing field in the competitive business landscape. Read the full article to learn more about Interakt’s partnership models. 


How does a WhatsApp business partner differ from a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)?

Meta has an obvious distinction between a tech Provider/WhatsApp Business partner and a Business Solution Provider or Solution Partner:

1. WhatsApp business partners will have access to the same technical capabilities as Solution Partners (BSPs) but differ in billing and partner status

2. Like WhatsApp Business Solution Partners (BSPs), Tech Providers can onboard clients through embedded signup and call Meta’s API to send and receive messages. These are crucial to offering high-quality experiences to businesses.

3. Unlike WhatsApp Business Solution Partners (BSPs), Tech Providers do not have the right to resell their WhatsApp Business Solution usage by extending a line of credit to businesses or charging any markup on conversation fees.

4. Tech Providers can upgrade to Tech Partners after demonstrating consistent performance and may become eligible for partner benefits.


Types of WhatsApp Business  Partnership Models at Interakt: 


1. Interakt’s WhatsApp Business ISVs Partnership

• Gain access to WhatsApp Business APIs with Interakt ISV partnership.

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It is ideal for those with a dedicated tech team to build custom features.

Features include access to the Partners Dashboard, Embedded Signup, Green Tick Application Support, Customer Support for Partners, and access to closed betas from WhatsApp.

2. Interakt’s WhatsApp Business White Label Partnership:

• Offer Interakt’s highly acclaimed platform rebranded as your own and deliver a completely native experience to your customers, incorporating your logo and brand.

WoW Partner Edition 2

• Interakt’s WhatsApp Reseller Program helps you under your branding without the need for development.

• Access the entire Interakt platform with powerful features.

• Enjoy WhatsApp Partner Dashboard, WhatsApp APIs, Embedded Signup for client onboarding, Green Tick Application Support, Customer Support (Whitelabelled), Interakt Platform APIs, Platform Billing APIs, SSO & Customer domain.

The White Label program on WhatsApp offers the following features


1. Shared Team Inbox

Access a centralized platform and answer customer queries from a single business number with Interakt’s Team Inbox. Business owners can easily assign chats, refer to notes for quick responses, and collaborate with your team on the go!


2. Campaign Management for Broadcast

Businesses can send promotional messages to 1000s of customers in one go and engage 24/7 with Interakt’s powerful notification engine!


3. Team Roles & Permissions

Brand owners can add and delete team members on the platform. Assign them certain roles and responsibilities, restrict permissions, and more. It gives the owner complete control over the platform and helps in the smooth running of the business. 


4. Campaign Analytics

Businesses can monitor campaign performance, delivery, read, and open rate, and optimize their campaigns accordingly for better performance!


5.  Template Management Module

With Interakt’s White label program, you can enable businesses to create and duplicate templates on the platform. What’s more, they get access to Interakt’s curated WhatsApp Template Library with 100s of pre-designed, ready-to-use templates.

Interakt’s WhatsApp Partnership Dashboard

With Interakt’s partnership program, you get access to a powerful WhatsApp Partnership Dashboard to help you keep track of all the new sign-ups and streamline your business operations.

Watch this short video to learn more about Interakt’s WhatsApp Whitelabel Partner Program


Choose the Right WhatsApp Partnership Model:

• Direct APIs Partnership: For technology enablers with a dedicated development team and existing CRM capabilities.

• Interakt Whitelabel Partnership: Perfect for technology enablers looking to resell a fully-featured WhatsApp Engagement Platform under their brand.


How can I become a WhatsApp ISV with a WhatsApp Business solution provider?

• Have a website and an inactive WhatsApp number.

• Apply for the API using the Embedded Flow signup provided by Interakt.

• After approval, verify Facebook Business Manager to increase messaging limits.

• Update WhatsApp business profiles and start submitting template messages.

Becoming an official Meta partner for WhatsApp Business API or a White Label Partner with Interakt opens doors to unparalleled opportunities. From expanding service offerings to increasing revenue streams, this partnership is a game-changer. Don’t miss out – Get in touch with the Interakt team today and embark on a journey of success!