Are you using WhatsApp’s full potential for your business? If “no” is your answer, it’s time to get WhatsApp Business API, a game-changer for businesses of all sizes aiming to conquer customer engagement. 

WhatsApp API caters specifically to the needs of enterprises, offering enhanced features and scalability. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the difference between WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp API and how latter can help you grow your business.


What is WhatsApp Business API? 

WhatsApp Business API helps businesses to manage and automate conversations on the WhatsApp platform. Unlike any other social media app, WhatsApp Business API integrates into your existing messaging platforms, Offering a unified platform to handle business conversations, send personalized campaigns, and automate customer engagement.


Is WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business App same? 

No, they are not. WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API both serve the purpose of enabling business communication, but they are at different scales of operations and offer different features. 

WhatsApp Business App is a free app made for small businesses, providing basic features to enhance customer interactions. 

While WhatsApp Business API is a paid service specifically designed for medium to enterprise businesses, it offers varied advanced features and integration. It enables automated replies, and interactive messages which results in a more personalized and efficient communication flow, perfectly tailored to meet the different needs of larger customer bases. 


Key differences between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API 

Here are some top differences between WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business App that you must understand to choose the right solution based on your business needs and growth objectives. 

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3 steps to get WhatsApp Business API account 

Choose best WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) or a Business Partner like Interakt. Once you have successfully completed the signup process with Interakt, you can now proceed with the following steps to get WhatsApp Business API account. 

Step 1: Link your Facebook Business Page with Interakt 

After signing up, the first step is linking your Facebook Business account with Interakt. Before initiating this process, ensure you have the essential information prepared: 

• Your company’s legal business name, address, and the desired display name for your WhatsApp Business number. 

• Have the phone number for WhatsApp Business API ready, as it will be exclusively designated for this purpose and cannot be used elsewhere within WhatsApp. 

• Ensure you have a Facebook page for your business and are an admin of that page. 

Once logged into Facebook, click on ‘Continue,’ leading you to a page with three simple steps. Click on ‘Get Started’ to begin the process. Select the relevant Facebook Page and click “Continue.” 

Step 2: Create your WhatsApp Business Account 

Having selected your Facebook Page, the next step is to create your WhatsApp Business account: 

1. Type in your business name, choose the correct time zone, and click “Continue.” 

2. Facebook will process the details, and then you can proceed. 

3. Set up your WhatsApp Business Profile by providing a display name adhering to WhatsApp Business guidelines. 

4. If your display name differs from your business name, ensure to provide the website for clarification. 

5. Choose the category of your business and provide a short description. 

6. Click “Continue” to move to the third and final step. 

Step 3: Verify your number for WhatsApp and link to Interakt 

In the final step:

1. Provide your exclusive phone number exclusively to get WhatsApp Business API

2. This number should not be linked to an existing WhatsApp account. 

3. Choose the OTP verification method – text message or voice call. 

4. Enter the one-time verification code received and click “Verify.” 

Congratulations! You have successfully created your business account and WhatsApp Business profile, and verified your WhatsApp Business number

Now, your account will enter a verification phase, which takes anywhere between 3 business days to 4 weeks to complete. You can still message your clients, but there are some restrictions. Once your business is verified, you can send unlimited messages to your customers. 


Bonus: Green tick verification

A green tick on WhatsApp shows the authority of a business account by WhatsApp, confirming its legitimacy. It helps users distinguish between official business accounts and potential imitator. 

There are specific products mandated by WhatsApp as ineligible for the green tick; these include alcohol brands, tobacco items, drugs, gambling businesses, weapons and ammunition businesses, live animals, adult products/services, medical and healthcare products, dating services, and cryptocurrencies. 

However, if you’re eligible then having a green tick makes your business appear more credible, authentic, and professional. Accounts with WhatsApp green tick are more likely to appear in relevant searches on WhatsApp, increasing brand authority. 

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Here are some tips to avoid rejection on WhatsApp Business verification: 

• Ensure you’ve given accurate business information 

• Use a recognizable profile picture 

• Maintain an active online presence 

• Follow WhatsApp guidelines and policies 

• Practice transparent and honest communication with customers 

Note: Both verified and unverified WhatsApp Business API accounts have the same features. You can still get WhatsApp Business API account normally and broadcast to as many users as you like. 


3 WhatsApp Business API features to boost your business 

WhatsApp Business API keeps introducing power-packed features to enable businesses to acquire more customers, retain existing customers, and drive conversions while reducing CAC. 

1. WhatsApp multi-agent login 

WhatsApp Business API allows multiple agents to log in to the same account simultaneously. This multi-agent login functionality improves teamwork and streamlines communication management within the organization. 

2. WhatsApp Business Notification Templates

WhatsApp Business API offers solutions for businesses to send standardized and pre-approved notification templates. These WhatsApp notification templates are designed for specific use cases, like order updates, delivery notifications, appointment reminders, and more. 

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3. WhatsApp interactive buttons 

WhatsApp’s interactive buttons, adds a layer of user engagement and interactivity to conversations. Businesses can use buttons that allow customers to make choices, selections, or navigate through predefined options within the conversation. 

3 Most effective WhatsApp Business API integration 

WhatsApp Business API becomes even more powerful when seamlessly integrated with different other business tools. 

Check out three of the most effective WhatsApp Business API integrations that can change the way you engage with your customers. 

1. With eCommerce apps 

Connecting WhatsApp Business API with eCommerce apps such as Shopify and WooCommerce has helped small and medium businesses boost their sales globally. 

WhatsApp integration with ecommerce apps automatically notifies customers about order confirmations, shipping updates, and even offering personalized product recommendations—all through WhatsApp. Moreover, you can sell and collect payments directly on WhatsApp, without ever having to redirect customers outside the WhatsApp Chat!


2. With payment gateway apps 

Integrating WhatsApp Business App with payment gateway apps, like Razorpay, allows you to send payment links, invoices, and transaction confirmations directly through WhatsApp. 

Payment gateway apps with WhatsApp is a secure and efficient process which provides customers with a convenient way to complete transactions. 

Whether it’s sending payment reminders or addressing payment-related queries, WhatsApp’s integration with payment gateway apps enhances the overall payment experience and secures trust between the business and its customers. 

3. With business management software/CMS 

Integrating WhatsApp API with CRMs helps businesses in syncing customer data, order details, and other relevant information directly with their existing CRMs. 

Dynamic flow of information ensures businesses to stay organized, automate processes, and make data-driven decisions. Whether it’s tracking inventory, managing customer interactions, or analyzing sales data, this integration optimizes overall business efficiency. 


Types of WhatsApp Business API charges 

Understanding the pricing structure of WhatsApp Business API is crucial for businesses. Know the two primary types of charges associated to get WhatsApp Business API: 

1. Subscription charges 

WhatsApp Business API providers have subscription fees, typically charged on a recurring basis. This fee allows businesses to access and utilize the API for communication with their customers. 

Subscription charges vary based on factors such as message volume and the specific features included in the subscription plan. 

Businesses can choose subscription plans that align with their communication needs and scale as their requirements evolve. 

2. Conversation charges 

In addition to subscription fees, WhatsApp has conversation charges. These charges are incurred for each unique conversation initiated by the business. 

A conversation is typically defined as a 24-hour window during which a business can engage with a customer without additional charges. Beyond this window, conversation charges may apply for continued communication. 


3 tips to get started with WhatsApp Business API 

Going on your journey to apply for WhatsApp Business API? It requires strategic planning and execution. Here are three essential tips for a successful implementation: 

1. Define clear objectives and use cases 

Define your objectives and use cases for using WhatsApp Business API before initiating the implementation process. Identify ways in which you intend to use the platform for customer communication, engagement, and support. 

Whether it’s automating order updates, providing customer service, or sending personalized promotions, having a well-defined strategy will streamline the implementation and ensure that you maximize the benefits of WhatsApp Business API. 

2. Prioritize customer consent and privacy 

Ensure that you have explicit consent from your customers before initiating communication on WhatsApp. 

Implement a robust opt-in process and clearly communicate the value proposition to customers, encouraging them to opt in for WhatsApp communication. WhatsApp requires businesses to adhere to strict privacy and consent policies.

3. Choose the right WhatsApp Business Partner 

Selecting the right WhatsApp Business Partner is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the success of your implementation. Consider the following factors when making this choice: 

Supported API Features: Evaluate the API features offered by potential partners. Ensure they align with your business needs, such as supporting template message localization for diverse customer bases. 

Speed of Onboarding Process: Time is of the essence, and a lengthy onboarding process can hinder your deployment. Choose a partner like Interakt that ensures a seamless and quick onboarding process, getting your business approved and operational swiftly. 

Integration Capabilities: Businesses often require integration with other solutions like CRMs or support ticket systems. Assess the integration capabilities of your chosen partner. Interakt provides flexible integration options, allowing connectivity with popular apps like Shopify and Zapier for streamlined workflows. 

Use Your Own Number: If using a single phone number is essential for your support operations, ensure your chosen partner allows you to use your own number. Interakt supports the use of existing WhatsApp numbers, providing flexibility and convenience. 

Transparent Pricing Model: Understand the WhatsApp Business API cost and benefits offered by your partner. Interakt offers a transparent per-month WhatsApp Business API pricing model, aligning with your business growth and providing access to all features. There are no hidden charges, ensuring clarity and cost-effectiveness. 

Interakt offers everything that you should look for in a WhatsApp Business Partner. 


Is WhatsApp for Business free?

Yes, WhatsApp Business is a free app which can be downloaded from Google app store and Apple store. But API of WhatsApp is provided by third party vendors which has pricing involved based on it’s functionality.

How can I apply for WhatsApp business API?

To apply for WhatsApp Business API go through a WhatsApp’s official Business Solution Provider. Submit your business details, comply with WhatsApp policies, integrate, test, and go live.

Is it possible to send automated messages on WhatsApp Business API?
Can I use WhatsApp Business API on multiple devices?