eCommerce business owners are always looking for new ways to interact with their customers and provide them with a positive shopping experience. But part of their goal to experiment with new channels and technologies is also to save time without compromising on how well they can get to know a buyer.

Considering how WhatsApp marketing is becoming a go-to to reach customers where they are the most active, it’s time to explore another feature that businesses can proactively leverage to sell more without losing their minds.

Introducing WhatsApp list messages. ‍

What are WhatsApp list messages?

WhatsApp list messages are a type of WhatsApp Business interactive message that brands can use to add interactive elements to their campaigns to encourage more responses and engagement from their list.

As Facebook explains, “WhatsApp list messages include a menu of up to 10 options/ products. This type of message provides a simpler and more consistent way for users to make a selection when interacting with a business.”

Simply put, WhatsApp list messages are going to make it easier for you to display the options of products/ services/ queries to a buyer, making the interaction more streamlined and directional.

Owing to the interface that this type of message offers, WhatsApp list messages can be used for varied purposes in a buyer’s journey, including:

  • To set/change delivery times
  • Schedule appointments
  • Order food
  • Change/delete delivery address
  • FAQ menu
  • Repeat a recent purchase, etc.

That being said, they are only available on the WhatsApp Business API because of their heavy coding. They are still not available on the free WhatsApp Business app. Read how you can use  WhatsApp Business API on Interakt.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of WhatsApp list messages. ‍

What are the benefits of WhatsApp list messages?‍

1. WhatsApp list messages help save time

Conversing with customers over WhatsApp can end up taking a lot of your time if you plan on typing in all the messages manually. Imagine if you had to share information about four products they’re interested in; it’d take you at least 30 minutes to get one answer right and continue the conversation, which may require more such replies. The same holds true for the customer who is conversing with you.

That’s where WhatsApp list messages come in.

With a WhatsApp list message, you can create a list of options a customer can ask questions around, and you too can choose replies from, making the to and fro conversation much faster and simpler.

Using the WhatsApp Business API, you can create WhatsApp list messages for different purposes like customer support, marketing, sharing shipping/ delivery information, and more. ‍

2. WhatsApp list messages are easy to understand

When we’re manually replying to messages, we tend to use fuller sentences for even the most basic of questions. This ends up with the reply being overly wordy and too long to be easily consumed by a shopper who is in a hurry to make a purchase.

WhatsApp list messages force you to create crisp replies to potential customer queries, keeping things concise for both the business and the consumer during the interaction.

This helps reduce ambiguity from your messages, resulting in being able to deliver better customer experiences. ‍

3. WhatsApp list messages can be used with other interactive messages

The best part of using WhatsApp business list messages is that they can easily be combined with single product messages, multiple-product messages, or reply buttons. This results in an increase in efficiency and creates a seamless way of interaction between the business and the consumer.

An additional benefit that WhatsApp list messages offer is that they enable you to send pre-filled message options to the recipient. The specific responses the consumer sends back helps agents understand their query better and resolve their concerns in a much more delightful manner.

Imagine reverting to a customer message asking ‘what they mean’, and losing them for not caring enough.

With WhatsApp Business API solution provider, you can go one step further to make your interactive messages engaging. You can set up custom replies to each of the list messages to save on time and keep the conversation going. ‍

4. WhatsApp list messages boost your conversion rate

This is an added benefit or result that you receive from using WhatsApp business list messages in your marketing strategy.

Since they are easy to use, save time, and are comprehensible, it’s only a matter of fact that more and more customers reply to your messages, resulting in more conversations and of course, a higher conversion rate.

The ability to do so at scale with WhatsApp Business API is what makes list messages a favorite strategy for leading DTC brands. ‍

5. WhatsApp list messages improve customer experience

WhatsApp list messages come with the ability to be customized in an end-to-end manner. This means that you can use different list messages to address different stages of a consumer’s buying journey with your business, making it simpler for them to interact with you at every concrete step they take towards making a purchase.

You can use list messages in your pre-, during- and post-purchase marketing campaigns on WhatsApp to deliver a delightful customer experience. ‍


With all the benefits stated above, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of WhatsApp list messages.

Providing a real and authentic experience to consumers is a great way to improve brand loyalty and drive sales. Part of offering this ‘good user experience’ is to make it ‘easier’ for them to converse with you.

That’s why we think WhatsApp list messages are here to become a concrete part of your WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Ready to use WhatsApp list messages in your marketing strategy? Leverage the WhatsApp Business API using Interakt today.