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How Publishers can easily promote the content via the WhatsApp Business Platform

How Publishers can easily promote the content via the WhatsApp Business Platform


Synthia Susan Thomas

April 14, 2022

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is one of the most preferred platforms that scores brownie points for sharing content. The content is readily available, delivered without any search hassles, easily shareable and what’s more exciting? It is on a platform where people spend more than 38 minutes a day on average. With a high open & engagement rate, WhatsApp business platform can turn out to be a boon for publishers as well.

Wondering how? Examples of success stories are all over the web with countries like Zimbabwe and India, using this opportunity to make the most of their businesses by using broadcast lists, newsgroups, quizzes and audio notes on WhatsApp, let’s dive in!

WhatsApp Business for Publishers

The exponential growth in the popularity of WhatsApp has resulted in more and more digital-first titles, small newsrooms & publishers tapping into the power of WhatsApp to expand their distribution. Publishers on WhatsApp are going to be doing the radical opposite of what traditional media does; News is delivered on an ASAP basis as opposed to the following day or in a month or fortnight. This aspect of quick, fast and live news is what will have subscribers come to you.

India saw Quint & Bloomberg launch a WhatsApp news service in November 2017. The service includes interactive real-time updates, personalized stock markets, watch list and portfolio, daily podcasts, logo placement and in no time it witnessed a boost in inactive users.

How can publishers push their content out using WhatsApp for Business?

1. Create WhatsApp groups or add subscribers to the broadcast List. Remember that Business WhatsApp App restricts groups to a limit of 256 members. 

2. Have your subscriber add your number to their contacts, so that you can share content via the broadcast list

3. Depending upon how the publisher would want the interaction, they can choose to either create an “Admin-only” posting group or can choose to open it for “members posting”. Ideally, separate groups having both “Admin-only” & “Members posting” have been proven to be beneficial for creating a buzz.

4. Try to maintain a tone of the traditional media but with a mobile-friendly design.

5. Have a team of moderators look into how the group is faring. A team that regularly shares updates, snippets and monitors the member interactions and direct messages

6. Always keep your group description and rules crystal clear, to maintain a decorum

Things to keep in mind while creating news content for WhatsApp

It’s a fact that long and dragging content rarely gets a good number of views. The goal is to create snackable bite-sized content that can be consumed as fast as possible with the aid of bright pictures, catchy captions and topics that are most talked about. 

The publisher needs to keep in mind that they are competing with the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; hence, their approach must also be in the same vein.

Short, crisp and to the point is what the goal should be. Keep a close eye on your subscriber a.k.a audience behaviour as well, to churn out exactly what they require.

Options available for WhatsApp Publishers

There are 2 options that a WhatsApp Publisher can use for distribution:

  1. WhatsApp Business is a free option for businesses with less than 5000 subscribers.
  2. WhatsApp API integration, is a paid & premium option for growing and larger businesses with unlimited subscribers.

The only catch in the WhatsApp Business API option is that you wouldn’t be able to use the “Broadcast” feature as it’s unavailable on the WhatsApp Business API mode. However, with access to the WhatsApp Business platform on Interakt, you can reach out to 1000s of opted-in readers with engaging content.

How to Measure Engagement As Detailed Analytics are Unavailable on the Business WhatsApp App?

If you have WhatsApp Business API, then you will be able to see the detailed analytics and audience insights easily. The problem arises with businesses that have opted for the free WhatsApp Business model. So, strategies that help you interact with your audience or subscribers, to get a gist of the kind of effect your content has made need to be implemented.

For instance—a fact-checking podcast called, “What's Crap" has used an ingenious way to understand audience behavior. They sent out “audience feedback" forms and users were asked to rate the latest episode with a heart, thumbs up, thumbs down or poop emoji. Fun Fact – Nobody wants a poop emoji as feedback!

An African weekly newspaper called, “The Continent” enrolled an engagement feature where they had a news quiz and here’s the catch, the answers couldn’t be found in the next edition but had to be procured by sending in a request via WhatsApp to The Continent’s account. Now, how creative is that, right?

Wrapping Up

News is something that has the potential to corrupt and misleads people if obtained from an unreliable source. When news publishers are in direct correspondence with the audience, it helps forge trust between the two as people are aware of publisher brands and their brand ethics. This in turn scourges out fake news and creates awareness.

Apart from that, we have seen the statistics that show WhatsApp as the highest traffic driver to the publisher's website. So, all in all, using WhatsApp for Business is a win-win situation for both the audience and the publisher.

Interakt is the official WhatsApp Business API provider. Get started with WhatsApp API integration to increase audience engagement, gain new subscribers and share real-time news and updates. Sign up today for a 14-day free trial.

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