With almost endless product choices and hundreds of businesses competing for the attention of potential customers, selling is a battle. You might have an intriguing presentation, quality products and a very slick and hassle-free purchase funnel. Still one of the challenges you will face like every other eCommerce store, will be customers not completing a buy at the last stage.

On an average, the cart abandonment rate over various online business industries and over various devices stands around 70% as per a report by Sleeknote. That is, seven out of ten people may not complete a purchase after adding a product into their shopping cart.

And tackling this matter will put you one step ahead of your competition, and what’s even great is that you will be selling more.

WhatsApp is a great way to alert your customers about abandoned carts and win them back to make a purchase from you. For this, you will need strategic irresistible WhatsApp abandoned cart messages capable of bringing them back to you.

To help you get started, we are providing you with some ready-to-use examples of WhatsApp abandoned cart notification templates. Customize them, get inspired by them or just use them right away! 

Templates for WhatsApp Cart Recovery Messages‍

Offer Assistance:

A customer might not complete a purchase, if they have any doubts or issue with size charts, materials, or some finer details about the product. Or they might be looking for a similar product. Offering help and assistance will be the little nudge they’ll need to complete a buy. Here are a few examples:‍

Template 1:

“Hi {Name}. We noticed that you haven’t completed your order. Feel free to reply with any query or to request our assistance. We will be happy to help.‍

Template 2:

“Hi there. We saw that your shopping cart was left unattended. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you are having any trouble completing the order. We will be happy to assist you. Click here to complete your order. ”‍

Template 3:

“Hello, {Name}! You are just one step away from buying our {Product}. If you are facing any difficulty in placing the order or have any queries related to the product, we are here to help you.”

Send a Friendly Reminder:

Sometimes your buyers would forget about the item they were about to purchase and left in the cart. We all get distracted. But this shouldn’t lose your sale.

Send a friendly and personalized reminder. A gentle and friendly tone will have appeal and this means a higher chance of winning back that customer. Here are a few templates of this kind that you could use:‍

Template 1:

“You almost forgot. But don’t worry. We are here to remind you about your product awaiting you in your shopping cart.”‍

Template 2:

“Hi {Name}! We believe you have not completed your purchase of {Product}.  Your cart is calling for you!”‍

Template 3:

“Hey, look what’s waiting for you in your cart. We think it’s time to get back to it.”‍

Sweeten the Deal:

Ultimately, a very tempting offer or a juicy discount will never be overlooked by your customers. Lure them in with a limited-period offer on the product in their shopping carts. This can help those customers who have been considering your product, to really make up their mind and go for it.‍

Template 1:

“There are awesome products waiting in your cart. Get them now and get a 15% discount!”‍

Template 2:

“Hurray! Get 25% off on the product left in your shopping cart. Offer ends at midnight. What are you waiting for?!”‍

Template 3:

“Hey there. You left this {Product} in your cart. Use CODE to avail free shipping. Enjoy!”

Create a Sense of Urgency:

Reminding your customers that your product may not remain in stock forever can help motivate them to make the purchase.

Alert customers about limited stock or in case of a popular product tell how fast you are selling out, so that they will return to their carts. That should do the trick. You can send something like:‍

Template 1:

“The product on your cart is selling out fast. Get to it before someone else steals the deal!”‍

Template 2:

“Hey {Name}. More than 30 people including you have the product in their shopping cart. Complete your purchase before it’s too late!”‍

Template 3:

“Hello. You have not completed your purchase and the product in your cart is selling out like cupcakes. Hurry up!”

Share Social Proof:

By showing proof of how that particular product is loved by your previous customers, you can convince the buyer that they have the right product and that they should go ahead and buy them.

Almost 80% of us will trust the recommendations from others like us. So let your buyers know how popular the product in their cart is. Here are a few template examples:‍

Template 1:

“Hi there. 257 happy customers have already bought the product in your cart and they loved it. What are you waiting for? Complete your purchase now!”‍

Template 2:

“Hey there. The product in your cart is popular among Students and Office goers. And we believe you will love it too. Wait no longer and go for it!”‍

Template 3:

“Hi. We are happy to tell you that your choice is excellent and that 78 other buyers guarantee this. Get to your shopping cart to seal the deal!”

And it’s easy to run cart recovery campaigns on WhatsApp!

Cart recovery messages are absolutely necessary for you as a business, to win back customers and remarkably recover sales. This is one important hurdle that you should overcome to stay ahead of other online stores.

And to achieve this, start by setting up smart marketing automations with tools like Interakt that uses the official WhatsApp Business API, and solve your abandoned cart issues strategically.

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