WhatsApp marketing has become a staple way of communicating for many businesses. It has become a key strategy that’s used by businesses of varying sizes from across various industries.


However, creating so many campaign messages to maintain the flow and stay consistent can be time-consuming and tough for anyone. By finding an efficient way to create highly-performing WhatsApp marketing messages, you have the opportunity and time to focus on other aspects of the business as well.


This is where ChatGPT comes in to help. 90% of marketers believe that AI is helping them spend less time on manual tasks, thus making it a highly efficient and cost-effective solution. In this post, we will share a few great WhatsApp Marketing prompts for ChatGPT.


10 WhatsApp Marketing Prompts For ChatGPT

Having the right ChatGPT prompts for marketing messages can instantly reduce the effort and time you might otherwise have to spend on individually crafting every WhatsApp campaign message. 

Here are some of the best ChatGPT prompts for marketing on WhatsApp and the responses ChatGPT might be able to provide for them:

1. ChatGPT prompts for creating a festive marketing template on WhatsApp


"Generate a festive marketing template for WhatsApp for Christmas sale promotion."  

“Christmas Sale Extravaganza!
Hello [Customer's Name],
Enjoy up to 50% off selected items, Buy One Get One Free on Christmas decorations, and an extra 10% off your first purchase with code MERRY10. 
Visit our store. 
Offers are valid until December 25th.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Warm regards,
[Your Company Name]
[Your Contact Information]”

2. ChatGPT prompts for product launch announcement on WhatsApp


"Give me a WhatsApp message template to announce a new product launch."  

“Exciting News! 
We are thrilled to introduce our latest product, [Product Name]. 
Experience innovation,
creativity and quality
like never before.
Available now at our store at [Your Store Address]. 
Don’t miss out!”  

3. ChatGPT prompts for product catalog description on WhatsApp


"Generate a template for a WhatsApp product catalog description."  

“Exciting News! 
We are thrilled to introduce our latest product, [Product Name]. 
Experience innovation, creativity and quality
like never before.
Available now at our store at [Your Store Address]. 
Don’t miss out!”  

4. ChatGPT prompts for restock alert on WhatsApp


"Create a WhatsApp message template to alert customers of a restocked product."  

“Hello [Customer’s Name].
Exciting news! 
Your favorite [Product Name] is back on the shelf. Hurry and grab yours before it’s gone again.
Shop now or visit us at [Your Store Address].”  

5. ChatGPT prompts for abandoned cart recovery on WhatsApp


“Generate a WhatsApp abandoned cart recovery message template.”
“Hi [Customer's Name], we noticed you left some items behind in your cart. 
Get back to your cart and complete your purchase now and enjoy an extra 5% off with code [Code].
Shop here: [Cart Link].
Your items are waiting for you—grab them before they’re gone!”

6. ChatGPT prompts for a campaign idea on WhatsApp


“Suggest a creative and effective WhatsApp campaign idea to engage an audience and boost sales.”
“Try our '7 Days of Deals' campaign! 
Each day, offer a new exclusive deal or discount on different products. 
Engage your audience with daily updates and special offers, driving traffic and boosting sales.”

7. ChatGPT prompts for WhatsApp Ads copies



 “Write an effective ad copy for a WhatsApp marketing campaign.”
“Best of deals are here!
Discover unbeatable deals at [Your Company Name]!
Enjoy up to 30% off on our bestsellers.
Limited time only. 
Hurry and shop now.”

8. ChatGPT prompts for limited-time offer announcements on WhatsApp


“Write a WhatsApp marketing message to announce a limited-time offer.”
“Alert! Limited Time Offer! 
Get 20% off on all orders over $50 by using code LIMITED20 at checkout. 
Don’t miss out! 
Shop now.
Offer valid till midnight.”

9. ChatGPT prompts for copy code offer on WhatsApp

“Create a WhatsApp marketing message with a discount code offer to be sent to customers.”
“Hello [Customer’s Name].
Special Offer! 
Use code SAVE10 to get 10% off your next purchase. Visit [Your Website Link] and apply the code at checkout. 
Happy shopping! 
This is your chance to enjoy savings on the products you love.
Don’t miss out!”

10. ChatGPT prompts for multi-product messages on WhatsApp

“Generate an engaging WhatsApp marketing message showcasing multiple products to attract customers.”
“Hey [Customer’s Name],
Check out our top picks this season! 
[Product 1] for Rs 199.99, [Product 2] for Rs299.99, and [Product 3] for Rs399.99. 
Shop these and more amazing deals. 
Find something for everyone and enjoy our special prices.
Don’t wait—shop now and get the best deals of the season!

10 Best practices to follow while using ChatGPT

ChatGPT can improve how you go about creating WhatsApp marketing messages but to really get the best results from the AI, you need to understand it and follow the best practices for creating and using ChatGPT prompts.



We have listed some of the best tips and practices for using ChatGPT prompts for WhatsApp marketing.



1. Be clear and specific about the use case and communicate your request well.

2. Convey the length and format of the message that you want ChatGPT to create.

3. Use previous answers and responses to help the model provide the best results.

4. Highlight what to include and what to exclude so that the WhatsApp marketing message will be relevant.

5. Choose the most relevant style and tone of voice for the message and clearly convey this to the model.

6. Create a prompt library in a different file to save all your prompts along with the outputs, so that you can always go back to it to share them or improve them when needed.

7. Keep the intended audience of your WhatsApp marketing campaign in mind and create prompts accordingly.

8. Provide the model with good examples to work with to get the most ideal result.

9. Ask ChatGPT for feedback on your prompts to get an idea of how to provide the most effective prompts.

10. Review, adjust and refine your prompts to get the best results.


As creating WhatsApp Marketing messages manually is a time-consuming task that can take you away from other important aspects of the business, finding an efficient way to do this is important. By using ChatGPT and working around the above prompts to find what fits your goals, you can bring pace to your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Leveraging the power of generative AI, you can experiment better, faster and more effectively with your WhatsApp campaigns and create the best WhatsApp marketing strategies to fetch the best results.