In conversation with Anurag Agrawal, Co-founder, Nestasia


“It’s been a fabulous experience so far working with interakt. It has helped us advance our business goals. We are very happy with the product and the support provided by the entire interakt team. We look forward to a long partnership together.”

 Anurag Agrawal, Co-Founder, Nestasia


Meet Nestasia

Launched in 2019, Nestasia, a tableware and decor platform is the brainchild of Aditi Murarka. The idea behind Nestasia, a primarily women-led team, was to bring together the best of handmade decor from artisans all across Asia and make it available to customers in the most affordable manner.

Anurag Agrawal left his corporate job to join Aditi, his wife in her entrepreneurial stint with Nestasia in 2020. Today, they are a 50-member team that ships products all across India and have recently started exporting to other countries as well. 

With Nestasia’s bright and uniquely designed decor offerings, the brand aspires to give their customers a ‘happy’ and ‘cheerful’ feeling with every purchase.


Their Goals

Well aware that WhatsApp continues to rule the roost as the most preferred messaging platform, Anurag and his team wanted to leverage this platform to connect with their customers. Their goals were simple:

  • Connect with their customers in the most effortless manner possible – WhatsApp’s easy-to-use interface made it an obvious choice
  • Be able to easily log and manage tickets and conversations
  • Handling both pre-sales and post-sales conversations, instant responses are key for their line of business. They wanted a solution that will help them respond real-time and resolve queries within a 12-hour window


Their Solution

Anurag revealed how the pandemic has actually been a tailwind for Nestasia. With people spending more time indoors, many are turning a closer eye to their home and looking at ways to spruce up their spaces. This explains why home decor sites like Nestasia have seen a spike in demand and the trends have been continuing ever since.

Nestasia first started out with a regular WhatsApp account and then moved onto the WhatsApp Business App. With their customer base on the rise and an increase in daily incoming conversations, the WhatsApp Business App posed a few limitations for a growing business like theirs. Looking to scale up, Anurag shared that Nestasia’s shift to WhatsApp Business API was a natural progression for the business.

Introduced to interakt by a friend, Anurag and his team were convinced with the solution suite that interakt had to offer. Talking about the onboarding experience, Anurag said that though the platform and technology were completely new for the Nestasia team, the support offered by interakt has helped them get up to speed.

“Throughout the set-up, the team at interakt has been extremely responsive, which made me feel very comfortable, as for us this was a very big change. Once we made the move to interakt, we have not regretted it!”

 Anurag Agrawal, Co-Founder, Nestasia

How did interakt help?

The team at Nestasia noticed that with the WhatsApp Business App, when they were faced with multiple ongoing conversations with customers, there was always a lag in the system. Switching to interakt has helped them manage bulk conversations without suffering outages or facing lags in the process.

• Nestasia previously faced difficulties in tagging chats and reaching out to people. interakt has helped them bridge this divide with the powerful WhatsApp Business API solution.
• The response time has gone down considerably with interakt and they are now able to log conversations very quickly. This in turn favours their customers too as they need not come back to repeat data and share more details, everything is available on interakt’s dashboard.
• From pre-sales to post-sales conversations, interakt has helped Anurag and his team notify customers easily about new launches, share timeline updates and cater to exchange and return queries a lot faster than before.‍

Looking to do up your home?

Say no more, catch Nestasia on WhatsApp to find out about their latest collections of exquisitely designed, handmade products from local artisans.