Taking a traditional offline business online to establish an eCommerce model, comes with its own set of challenges. The biggest one that brands start to face from day zero is being able to communicate with their customers at different touch points. 

But The Design Cart found a solution to it all. 

About The Design Cart 

The Design Cart is a one-stop-shop where online shoppers can purchase raw supplies like fabrics, embroidery material, beads, buttons and more. With a collection of thousands of products, the brand was established to be able to take a household business run offline in Chandni Chowk, India, to newer and wider audiences by going digital. 

The challenge 

The brand set up shop online with the help of Shopify and started to promote its range of products. They instantly saw an uptick in the number of customers interested in their products and placing an order with them. 

But they also started to experience an increase in the number of messages they were required to send for order confirmations on COD purchases, alongside WISMO (where is my order) queries. 

The brand had to set up a team of three to four members to only handle the two queries above, not being able to tackle other incoming questions, messages and concerns of interested buyers, owing to the manual effort involved. 

After having struggled with using emails and a manual use of a regular WhatsApp profile, the brand started to seek alternatives to tackle the low open and engagement rates. They found a few solutions that could cater to separate needs, resulting in having to work with 3 tools to serve the business objective in a holistic way. 

That’s when they found Interakt through a conversation with a DTC brand owner. 

The solution 

After a discovery call with the Interakt team, the brand was able to uncover new opportunities in their communication strategy. So to address their previous needs of seamless communication with customers and address WISMO queries, while making their marketing campaigns more effective, they decided on the following approach: 

1. Seamless integration with Shopify 

To be able to use all of the WhatsApp Business API features, they needed to be able to easily fetch data from their storefront. With the seamless integration, Interakt was able to help the brand get started with their new WhatsApp Business strategy in just a couple of days.

“Interakt was life-saving! We were running our customer support and marketing functions on different platforms and with their integration with Shopify, we were able to bring it all onto one channel. And their detailed tutorials make it even simpler to get started with.”

– Apaar Gupta, Co-founder, The Design Cart

2. Catalog sale messages 

The brand wanted to streamline the customer purchase journey and bring the experience of their website to WhatsApp. With the help of WhatsApp catalog sale messages, they were able to promote the collections and products available on the website, letting the consumer easily place an order on the messaging platform itself. 

3. Customer support automations 

Next up, we set up the infrastructure to tackle the incoming queries for when the brand starts to run their WhatsApp broadcast campaigns. Using our pre-built workflows and the WhatsApp Business API features, we automated upto 70% of the incoming queries, dramatically decreasing the need for manual messaging. 

“Right now we have the majority of the conversations happening with customers on auto. We have been able to set up a number of rules that define when a message needs to be sent out to answer which query. Our turnaround times have become really efficient!”

– Apaar Gupta, Co-founder, The Design Cart

4. Shared team inbox 

Apart from the automation set up to address customer support, Interakt’s Shared Inbox also further enabled easy collaboration. By bringing all conversations onto one dashboard along with labels, the inbox now makes it easier for the brand to get an overview of ongoing and past interactions to get business-critical insights. 

5. Click to WhatsApp ads (CTWA) 

To be able to take custom orders and offer online shoppers a personalized buying experience, the brand also set up click to WhatsApp ads (CTWA). With this type of ad campaign, the brand was able to retarget the right set of audiences with the right message, driving them towards meaningful conversations. 

The result

While the WhatsApp strategy has been evolving iteratively based on consumer responses and campaign performance, the brand has so far experienced: 

The design cart with Interakt 

“The Interakt team has been super responsive since day one, helping us understand the features of WhatsApp Business API and put them to work. Right from the point of onboarding to helping us make the set up, the team is proactive at teaching us what we can improve to get better results. The team is just phenomenal!” 

– Apaar Gupta, Co-founder, The Design Cart