The Psychology of Persuasion: Utilizing WhatsApp in Enterprise Sales and Negotiations

In an ideal world, all sales and marketing campaigns should be a success.   But, unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and marketing is getting trickier by the day.   To make a marketing campaign a success for an enterprise, marketers need to go beyond the basics of understanding targeting. They need to […]

WhatsApp for Crisis Management: A Crucial Tool in Enterprise Emergency Response

In moments of crisis, effective communication is of the greatest importance in mitigating the impact of it on individuals and communities. That’s where the channel you use becomes crucial and WhatsApp is winning the game.    WhatsApp Business API offers a lot of advantages for enterprise emergency responses, as it can provide both one-on-one as […]

How to leverage WhatsApp Analytics to make data-driven business decisions for your enterprise business

With the growing popularity of WhatsApp, we are noticing enterprise businesses starting to use the messaging platform for more than just running promotions. From marketing, lead generation, customer support to sales, the conversations on WhatsApp are scaling by the day. But as the messaging platform becomes a crucial part of the communication stack at companies, […]

FOMO: WhatsApp for marketing emerging as a direct channel for brands

WhatsApp for Business has quietly flourished throughout the year. With an increase in businesses adapting WhatsApp, for their personal accounts, dedicated business profiles, or API solutions, the numbers speak volumes. Now, more than ever, the message is clear this is the right time to harness the power of WhatsApp. As WhatsApp for marketing as a […]

Customer Service On WhatsApp: Unlocking WhatsApp’s Global Reach For Enterprise Business

Customer engagement decides much of how a business performs and has become a crucial point to focus on for enterprises to gain reach. No matter how big a brand there is, unless you stay on top of your customers’ minds, brand recall is becoming a common challenge for most businesses – resulting in higher customer […]

Why enterprise retail ecommerce businesses are focusing on CLTV more than ever and where WhatsApp helps

By 2026, the e-commerce market is expected to total over $8.1 trillion. And that should not be a surprise. Bygone are the days, when shoppers would go to the local stores looking for products. Instead, customers prefer to scour products online, which leads to greater competition between eCommerce businesses. This unfortunate reality puts pressure on […]

WhatsApp for EdtTech: Top 6 Ways To Use WhatsApp Business API for Education Industry in 2024

The education industry has been growing, evolving and embracing new dimensions and horizons, owing to technology and consumer demands. It is now a dynamic and highly accessible industry, and we have witnessed its true potential in the post-pandemic climate. One such crucial and astute change is the adoption of a conversational channel like WhatsApp for […]

WhatsApp Business API for Brand Advocacy: Cultivating a Community of Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Advertisements are everywhere. From billboards to pop-ups to social media, an average consumer is bombarded with hundreds of advertisements everyday. Unfortunately, this also means that any brand needs to cut through the noise to eventually be heard by their target audience. Since traditional channels became a no-go, smart marketers opted for word of mouth recommendations […]

WhatsApp for Shopify: 5 Ways to use WhatsApp with Shopify for Enterprise Business

Marketing for enterprise businesses is easier said than done. Compared to mid-sized businesses, enterprise marketing involves many layers as it caters to various customer profiles and involves multi-channel setups. Moreover, with omnichannel experiences becoming critical to meeting customer demands, enterprises must embrace all channels, including WhatsApp. But most enterprise businesses exclude WhatsApp from their marketing […]