Customer Service On WhatsApp Unlocking WhatsApps Global Reach For Enterprise Business

Customer Service On WhatsApp: Unlocking WhatsApp’s Global Reach For Enterprise Business

Customer engagement decides much of how a business performs and has become a crucial point to focus on for enterprises to gain reach.

No matter how big a brand there is, unless you stay on top of your customers’ minds, brand recall is becoming a common challenge for most businesses – resulting in higher customer acquisition costs across industries.

In this article, we explore customer service on WhatsApp for enterprise businesses, focusing on enhancing customer service to achieve global outreach and foster higher customer engagement beyond conventional promotional strategies.


4 Benefits of Using Customer Service On WhatsApp for Enterprise Business

Given its extensive worldwide user community and a range of business-centric features, WhatsApp provides a distinctive opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers on a more personal and interactive level.


1. Expand global reach

More than 100 billion messages are sent across WhatsApp across the globe each day, by a total population of about 2 billion active users. With this exceptional popularity and a gigantic global population of active users, WhatsApp gives enterprises vast potential in expanding their global reach, without the restraints of linguistic and geographical borders.

2. Improves customer experience

WhatsApp Business allows businesses to greatly improve on customer experience which lies at the core of any successful business. WhatsApp enables real-time communication that allows you to provide the quick, efficient and direct messages that your customers prefer. With a secure and fast platform, instant and effective customer support for WhatsApp also becomes possible.

3. Personalized engagement

Get a diverse set of features that allow for dynamic, rich and personalized customer communication on WhatsApp.. Be it with a quick response message or a product catalog, you can fine-tune your WhatsApp customer engagement tactics to better suit the needs and preferences of your customers.

4. Improves employee satisfaction

Efficient internal communication is vital for a seamlessly functioning well-oiled enterprise business. WhatsApp’s user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it a valuable tool for this. This makes it significantly easier for your employees to exchange updates, collaborate on projects, and even conduct virtual meetings. By streamlining the communication within your business, there is a better chance of improved productivity and employee satisfaction.


7 Ways to Leverage Customer Service on WhatsApp for Enterprise Business


1. Optimize your profile

As the first point of contact with your business, optimal information delivery on your WhatsApp Business profile is important. You can do this by adding a recognizable profile picture, such as your company logo.
Also clearly communicate your business’s purpose in the “About” section and provide essential details like business hours, location, and a website link for easy customer connection. An optimized profile enhances the user experience and facilitates effective engagement with your business.

2. Use digital catalogs

WhatsApp allows you to generate and send out digital catalogs of your products/services directly within the app. These catalogs serve as your virtual storefronts, enabling customers to effortlessly explore what you have to offer.
Your WhatsApp catalogs can also contain images, prices, descriptions, and product codes for each item, making for a convenient way to engage customers with a seamless, hassle-free experience.

3. Provide customer support

WhatsApp Business can be best utilized by integrating chatbots and automating a significant portion of your customer support. Chatbots can easily take care of routine queries that pop up very often and function around the clock with instant responses.

WhatsApp automation can also be used to track orders for the customers, reply to product-related queries etc. which in turn leaves your customer support team enough leg-room to focus on more complex queries.

CEAT, the tire manufacturing giant, partnered with Interakt to deploy a customized WhatsApp chatbot that allowed their customers to log and track complaints easily, leading to a 542% increase in its leads!

4. Develop creative marketing campaigns

WhatsApp provides an excellent platform for growing your business with creative marketing strategies as well. Use the platform to conduct contests, share exclusive discounts, and gather feedback through surveys, making for a highly engaging customer experience. You can also utilize the WhatsApp broadcast feature to personalize promotional messages to segmented lists, which will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

5. Replicate core business processes

WhatsApp is dynamic enough to let you streamline and replicate your core business processes with ease. Leverage the capabilities of the platform to streamline and enhance the efficiency of processes ranging from appointment bookings, order confirmations, sending invoices and more. 

JioMart’s story is a fine example of the effectiveness of this strategy. Partnering with Interakt JioMart’s WhatsApp Automation was able to streamline a bulk of its business processes, allowing customers to do their grocery shopping on WhatsApp with seamless ease. Since then, JioMart has been able to get a steady average of 1500 daily orders on the platform.

6. Level up with ads

WhatsApp, as such, does not let you display ads, but you can promote your WhatsApp Business account in other ways. Use Meta’s ad platform to advertise your business’ WhatsApp presence and direct your customers there. Click-to-WhatsApp ads can provide a good boost to your marketing strategy and are a great way to increase your reach, extend your WhatsApp Business presence to social media, attract new customers and promote your products and services.

7. Enable pipeline growth

Leveraging its powerful messaging capabilities, enterprise businesses can catalyze substantial pipeline growth on the WhatsApp Business platform. By using WhatsApp API-enabled versatile features like labels, quick replies and automated messaging, businesses can seamlessly engage in personalized interactions, share updates, and address customer queries swiftly. Furthermore, the platform’s real-time capabilities facilitate efficient lead nurturing and conversion.


Ultimately, enabling expansive global reach via quality customer support requires a capable WhatsApp Business Solution provider. There are a few essential features of WhatsApp Business, leveraging which, can maximize your growth potential. These include the cart feature, quick replies, Automated away messages, contact and message labels, broadcast lists, collections, catalogs and catalog links among others.

Interakt can help you tap into all these key features that are required to set up the strategies we have discussed and take the step towards masterful customer engagement and expanding global reach.
To know more, book a demo of Interakt today.