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CEAT’s Success Story: 70% Reduction in Acquisition Costs

CEAT, a leading tyre manufacturer, has always been at the top of its game when it comes to quality, innovation, and digital transformation. CEAT has taken great pride in delivering top-notch experiences to its customers and has developed various digital-first solutions to remove any hurdles in their journeys.

The customer experience and digital team at CEAT sought to have effective and engaging conversations with its customers on a large scale. The ultimate objective was to collect high-quality leads, amplify conversion rates, and extend its brand presence on the messaging platforms where their target customers were the most active.

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Challenge at Hand

To make interactions smoother for their target persona, CEAT realized that accessibility and an omnichannel approach were key.

• CEAT aimed to offer prompt and immediate answers to potential customers inquiring about commonly asked questions regarding tire purchase and maintenance.

• The customer experience team at CEAT also wanted to offer existing customers a convenient way of logging and tracking complaints.

• Lastly, CEAT wanted to ensure that both prospects and customers were aware of the latest offers and promotions.

How Interakt Offered a Solution

CEAT partnered with Interakt to build a customized WhatsApp chatbot that helps generate sales-qualified leads by interacting with customers, making product recommendations, and offering discounts – all at the right stages!

• The design of the WhatsApp experience is aimed at resolving all incoming questions concerning tyres and transferring conversations to live sales representatives, as needed.

• Using Interakt’s Proactive Messaging solution, the CEAT team also nudges lost or dropped-off leads by sending them relevant updates through WhatsApp notifications.

• Along with responding to inquiries from existing customers, the customized WhatsApp bot also provides a simple way for customers to log and track complaints.

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Since implementing the custom WhatsApp chatbot, CEAT has observed a 542% increase in leads. In fact, lead generation has proven cost effective when compared to other social acquisition channels! One of the greatest advantages is that acquiring leads through WhatsApp costs a total of 70% less than other channels.

CEAT has introduced a chatbot that is not just available to their customers, but also its dealers and mechanics, enabling them to access essential information. CEAT & Interakt are now exploring additional use cases for integrating the custom built  chatbot, and planning to extend its reach to multiple touchpoints across various channels, such as Google Business Messages.