WhatsApp Business was launched with the very intention to make it easy to personally connect with your customers. That’s why we believe that WhatsApp for customer support is the way ahead!

“Treat every moment with a customer as an opportunity to build a relationship.”

That’s why Whatsapp is a great medium for customer support as compared to traditional communication channels like email and SMS. This is because the former promotes a more personal connection through ‘chatting’. In fact, 80% of adults agree messaging is a quick and easy way to communicate with a business.

Let’s talk about it a little in detail.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp for customer support?

Apart from the fact that most of us today use WhatsApp for our day-to-day communication, here are a few reasons why customer service through WhatsApp will benefit your business.

Massive reach

WhatsApp has over 2 billion monthly active users, making it the number one messaging app. So a consumer you want as a customer is most likely already using the mobile app!

Easy and quick

Customers usually always have a phone with WhatsApp and are also constantly checking for new messages. Think about the number of times that you open, send and receive messages in this app in a day!

Stay organized

You can easily organize your contacts or chats with labels, so you can find them again without any hassle.

Quick messages with saved templates

Save and reuse WhatsApp message notification template you frequently send so you can easily answer the most-asked queries in no time! 

Automate conversations

Engage with your customers at every stage of their buying journey, with automated business notifications. From triggering automatic WhatsApp messages when your customer takes an action (or doesn’t!) Setting up custom auto-replies for frequently asked customer queries. Using rich media templates (images, videos, PDFs) with interactive elements like CTA / Quick Reply Buttons, and so much more.

Interakt can help you leverage WhatsApp business support in innumerable ways!

Multiple admins for your WhatsApp Business account

It’s no easy task to handle all of your customers with a single WhatsApp Business account. You will need multiple company representatives working together to deliver outstanding customer service.

Certain customer queries cannot be cleared with just automation and may require an actual person to take the conversation forward. Instantaneous replies to such queries can become a hassle if only one person has access to the WhatsApp business account.

That’s where a shared team inbox comes in handy when you’re leveraging the WhatsApp Business API.

With WhatsApp Business API’s multi-device feature, your entire team can view all customer messages on a single dashboard. This will allow them to simultaneously reply to a large number of user queries and all the responses will appear to be sent from that same WhatsApp Business account.

The shared team inbox lets you get your whole team on board with unlimited team member logins. You can easily stay on top of all your customer chats having it in a unified dashboard that lets you manage, track and respond to messages on the go.

How to use WhatsApp for customer support?

There are a number of ways in which you can use WhatsApp for customer support. But we’re here to give you examples based on those used by leading businesses.

Handle common customer queries

Customers expect quick responses when they reach out to businesses with their queries. With WhatsApp, you can provide them with instantaneous replies through one-on-one communication. For example, when someone needs assistance picking the right product size for themselves or finding the sizing guide in your store!

With smart WhatsApp marketing tools like Interakt, you can also set up automation to handle most of these incoming queries.

Collect feedback

Feedback is a big part of how consumers feel about your business – whether or not they have purchased something from you. With WhatsApp customer support, you can also use the conversation to gather feedback and reviews on either your products or your service, getting to know about customer expectations in a better manner.

Send status updates

Updating customers about the status of their order is a prime customer service necessity. You can use WhatsApp business support and keep them updated on order status and other key details.

Share notifications instantly

Unlike traditional communication channels like email, customers are more likely to read messages sent on WhatsApp. This is why sending notifications and reminders through this app can help a lot and will also reach the user instantly. From invoices to appointment reminders to order updates, you can send it all in mere seconds.

Highlight products and services.

You can send a WhatsApp Business catalog as part of your auto-replies and increase the chances of conversion with better product/service visibility. 

Scale customer communication

With WhatsApp broadcasts you can send out messages to customers at scale. Furthermore, with the use of media files like images, videos, and GIFs, among many others, you enhance your communication with your customers.

Level up your customer support with WhatsApp Business API and Interakt

Interakt provides state-of-the-art customer service features on WhatsApp. This is going to add a lot of value to your support strategy. You should seriously consider WhatsApp for customer support if you want to supercharge your business growth.


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