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Shared Team Inbox

Interakt’s Shared Team Inbox for WhatsApp Business has been built to help you and your team connect easily with your users on WhatsApp.

Sending & Receiving Messages

Know how you can send and receive messages on Interakt using rich media and other nifty features.

Quick Replies

Address frequently asked questions a lot faster with Quick Replies on Interakt.

WhatsApp Templates

Learn how you can engage users with Interakt’s WhatsApp templates.

Smart Cards

Have access to all your customer information while talking to them on WhatsApp.


Learn how you can personalize and send automated bulk notifications on WhatsApp.

All-Users Tab

Learn how you can create, update and manage your contacts on Interakt.

Templates - Best Practices

Guidelines and template examples that will improve the likelihood for your templates to be approved by WhatsApp.

API Docs

Check out the reference docs for connecting to our APIs.

Chat Widget

Know how you can add a responsive WhatsApp chat widget to your website.

Team Settings

Learn how you can add your teammates on Interakt and manage them.

Send Messages In A Click

Get talking to your customers on WhatsApp instantly.

Billing Details

Know all about your current plan, usage history, payment details, credits earned and more in the billing details section on Interakt.

Content Glossary

Get a better understanding of the commonly used terms on Interakt.

Account Status & Messaging Limits

Learn more about the types of account status and messaging limits.

14-Day free trial on Interakt

Find out everything about the 14-day free trial period on Interakt and the limited messaging options during this period.

Facebook Business Verification

Know all about Facebook Business Verification, the application process, quick tips & more.

Getting Started With Interakt

Follow these simple steps to sign-up on Interakt.

Connecting your number with Interakt

Know all about WhatsApp Business API number, WhatsApp account deletion, number exclusivity with Interakt and more.

Set Up Shopify Based Notifications

Learn how you can set up automated notifications via Interakt post Shopify integration

Setting Up A Campaign With A Delay After An Event

Here are the steps that you need to follow to set up campaigns on Interakt with a delay on the triggering event.

Set up Woocommerce based notifications

Send Whatsapp Order Updates & Abandoned Checkout reminders for your Woocommerce estore via Interakt & Integromat.

Inbox Settings

Manage Auto replies to user messages and improve your customer experience

How to send Automatic WhatsApp Notifications via Interakt

Engage your users with automated notifications.

Product Walk Through

Popular Videos

Product Walk through

All-Users Tab

Media Files in WhatsApp templates

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