Interakt’s new launch – Instagram Inbox enables you to seamlessly manage your Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) directly from your Interakt inbox, streamlining your communication efforts like never before.

You can activate the Instagram-Interakt integration by following these steps – 

1. Go to Home, go to the section on the right side, and click on the ‘Connect your account’ button under Instagram.

image7 1

You will get a pop-up box on your screen, asking for your acknowledgment of the Terms & Conditions.

image1 1

Once you click on the checkboxes, you will see the Continue with Facebook button highlighted in blue color, click on this button to move to the next step.

image8 1

4. You will be directed to this page, where you will need to specify the Instagram page that you want to use with the Interakt Omnichannel, once selected click on the Next Button. As you can see, we have connected the IG page for taking this integration live.

image2 1

5. Now you will be asked to share permissions for what all Interakt Omnichannel is allowed to do. You will need to click on each permission toggle that you want to allow and then click on Done

image9 1

6. Now once your Instagram page is connected with the Interakt omnichannel, you can respond to customer DMs from the Interakt inbox

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image3 2
image5 1

7. And what’s more, you can see all your story reactions & replies in the Interakt Inbox and respond to them!

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While starting with inbox management, our roadmap includes plans to empower you with advanced automation features on Instagram. We’re committed to continually enhancing our platform to meet your evolving needs, and we see great potential for leveraging Instagram as a powerful marketing tool.